This Week in IGA: April 21, 2021

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Staves: An Enchanting Card Game

Dann Kriss $2132 of $8000 raised (26%) 6 days left

Arena Colossei: Ludi Gladiatorii

Top Hat Games $16835 of $62428 raised (26%) 6 days left

Don't Let It Die - One Box Bundle

Thunk Board Games $1792 of $5567 raised (32%) 16 days left

Rolling Seas

GJJ Games - George Jaros $1484 of $3352 raised (44%) 9 days left

Battle for Biternia: Pixelvania Hero Pack

Stone Circle Games $13776 of $10500 raised (131%) 1 days left

Rise of the Gnomes

August Games $38440 of $29000 raised (132%) 8 days left

Transmissions Board Game

Adam West $91143 of $35000 raised (260%) 16 days left

Dragon Dice® Frostwings (Reprint)

SFR, Inc. $44108 of $16000 raised (275%) 11 days left

Hidden Leaders

BFF Games $44480 of $14406 raised (308%) 23 days left

Zombies!!! 20th Anniversary Edition plus Museum of Weird

Twilight Creations, Inc. $42206 of $10000 raised (422%) 9 days left

Long Shot: The Dice Game

Chris Handy of Perplext $88991 of $10000 raised (889%) 3 days left

Wild, Wild West - Roll and Write Revolution

Derik Duley $910 of $100 raised (910%) 9 days left

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New Playtests This Week

TROLLED - Tori Games

This is a game of Trolling to win. Who can be the biggest Troll?
During turn play, players will take turns scooping out the die from the giant’s pouch, rolling the dice, and trying to eat the food on the table. Anyone’s food! There are 30 nasties Troll food items that may be eaten. But roll carefully, rolling another Troll’s number gives them power over the die. Trolled! Scoop up too many dice, Trolled! Any die left becomes the ingredients for cooking the Troll Food. Each must be placed on a food card, the last ingredient placed may score Victory Points.

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