This Week in IGA: April 7, 2021

New Partnerships

HubTrotter Logistics Inc.

HubTrotter is passionate about logistics and fulfillment services for Board Game publishers to Canada, US, and int'l. We specialize in Kickstarter, eCommerce, and board game parts fulfillment!

IGA Pro members receive up to 15% discounts on our freight forwarding, fulfillment, and warehousing services when fulfilling your crowdfunded project with HubTrotter.

Now Crowdfunding

Staves: An Enchanting Card Game

Dann Kriss $1481 of $8000 raised (18%) 20 days left

Hunting Sasquatch, the Board Game

SpyGlass Games $3116 of $9000 raised (34%) 1 days left

Rise of the Gnomes

August Games $26163 of $29000 raised (90%) 22 days left

Battle for Biternia: Pixelvania Hero Pack

Stone Circle Games $10550 of $10500 raised (100%) 15 days left

Crayne: Fractured Empire

Christopher Fielder $9156 of $4579 raised (199%) LAST DAY!

Pocket Pixel Artist + Swearmints

Chris Rossetti $7267 of $2500 raised (290%) 1 days left

Zombies!!! 20th Anniversary Edition plus Museum of Weird

Twilight Creations, Inc. $35350 of $10000 raised (353%) 23 days left

Solani + The Girl Who Made The Stars

Final Frontier Games $110021 of $30000 raised (366%) 7 days left

Factory Funner, Bear Raid, and Ghosts of Christmas $185233 of $50000 raised (370%) 8 days left

Protocol Squared: Home

Postworldgames Jim Pinto $5310 of $1000 raised (531%) 1 days left

Heads Will Roll

Lay Waste Games LLC $29835 of $5000 raised (596%) 1 days left

Long Shot: The Dice Game

Chris Handy of Perplext $65677 of $10000 raised (656%) 17 days left

Legendary Metal Coins season 6

Drawlab $102361 of $13824 raised (740%) 6 days left

Robinson Crusoe - Collector's Edition

Portal Games $1505790 of $59470 raised (2532%) 6 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Kinghill - Violet Dragon

Kinghill in the barren rolling landscape of Acherol. Confined in this unforgiving land lie two mighty artefacts, held by rivalling kingdoms. A bloody conflict to gain dominance is at hand, and you, general, must lead your kingdom to victory!

Kinghill is a worker-placement for 2 players, in which you are tasked to gain dominance over your rival using units and spells at your disposal. Siege the enemy castle and claim their artifact as your own, but be warry of your own defenses !
Send your peasants out to gather resources or promote them into specialists capable of a variaty of special actions such as stealing, exploring or studying spells. The enemies walls are strong however, so you will need to recruit more forces, expand your castle or task your mages to study powerful spells using precious magic crystals. You choose your strategy to defeat your enemy.

And if the war’s outcome remains undecided for too long, mighty powers enter the game, tearing the very continent apart! Careful management, cunning tactics and superior strategy will determine the victor in the war over Kinghill.
 —description from the designer

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Aug 5 - Aug 8, 2021

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Columbus, OH USA
Sep 30 - Oct 3, 2021

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Lonely Undead
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Iridium Hunters
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Nebula: Pull & Write
Mystic Tiger Games, LLC
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