This Week in IGA: March 31, 2021

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Staves: An Enchanting Card Game

Dann Kriss $652 of $8000 raised (8%) 27 days left

Fortune & Famine

Mid Level Meeple $2767 of $11000 raised (25%) 1 days left

Hunting Sasquatch, the Board Game

SpyGlass Games $2821 of $9000 raised (31%) 8 days left

Battle for Biternia: Pixelvania Hero Pack

Stone Circle Games $7902 of $10500 raised (75%) 22 days left

Crayne: Fractured Empire

Christopher Fielder $8075 of $4570 raised (176%) 7 days left

Pocket Pixel Artist + Swearmints

Chris Rossetti $5652 of $2500 raised (226%) 8 days left

Night Market

Talon Strikes Studios $50562 of $20000 raised (252%) 3 days left

Solani + The Girl Who Made The Stars

Final Frontier Games $76838 of $30000 raised (256%) 14 days left

Fiend Friends: Soul Arcade | Issue 1

Vic Hollins $1354 of $500 raised (270%) 3 days left

Valeria: Card Kingdoms – Darksworn

Daily Magic Games $177311 of $65000 raised (272%) LAST DAY!

Factory Funner, Bear Raid, and Ghosts of Christmas $153154 of $50000 raised (306%) 15 days left

Long Shot: The Dice Game

Chris Handy of Perplext $36775 of $10000 raised (367%) 24 days left

Protocol Squared: Home

Postworldgames Jim Pinto $4357 of $1000 raised (435%) 8 days left

Heads Will Roll

Lay Waste Games LLC $22335 of $5000 raised (446%) 8 days left


Eduardo Baraf $51703 of $10000 raised (517%) 5 days left

Drinking Quest: Six Pack

Jason Anarchy $85379 of $15870 raised (537%) 1 days left

Legendary Metal Coins season 6

Drawlab $85465 of $13765 raised (620%) 13 days left

Robinson Crusoe - Collector's Edition

Portal Games $1109543 of $58674 raised (1891%) 13 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Lonely Undead - Dead Lemon Games LLC

The life of a zombie can be a lonely one. Like anyone, zombies crave companionship. It's just too bad that their main friendship-making techniques involve such force. But hey, it beats dying alone!

Lonely Undead is a survival board game that pits (very recently infected) zombies (Zs) head-to-head against a small-town of wannabe heroes, innocent bystanders, and other freshly turned Zs. Each player embodies a different Z with its own distinct set of special abilities and styles fitting to their character. If the characters can be harnessed effectively depends on a number of factors, for this is no push over town and you're not the only one out seeking friends.

Plan and navigate your way about town and find some people to bite! Whilst doing so, look for supplies to aid your cause, but be careful who you walk up on. You might not always enjoy who you discover. Your targets are The Living and are revealed upon engagement. Each Living has its own set of attributes and bonuses that you have to try to beat. If they're stronger than you, hope that chance is on your side.

Watch out for other Zs trying to foil your plans! 
Other Zs will do their best to try to keep you from infecting your new buddies. How rude. Let's hope they can't stop you.

Then the Town gets its turn!
After you've caused some mayhem, the Town retaliates. Apparently they don't like being preyed upon and bodies lying in the streets. Draw your reactions, suffer the consequences, and watch out for cars and dogs!

Be the first Z to infect so many of the Living to become the winner!

Many other game modes!
Lonely Undead comes complete with many other game modes. Team up and try your (severed) hand in a Co-op mode or run amok on the streets alone in a Solo mode.

Build a different town every time!
Lonely Undead comes complete with modular tiles of the towns structures. In the "Mutated" Mode, players can build the town based off of their goals before they even set foot into it.

55 different Aids cards to help your cause!
30 different Living to encounter!
55 distinct Reactions from the town!
Six unique Zs to play as!
Three main game modes with multiple difficulties and objectives!
A customizable modular town system!
Lonely Undead is a game with infinite possibilities. Never play the same game!

—description from the publisher

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