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Fortune & Famine

Mid Level Meeple $2677 of $11000 raised (24%) 8 days left

Hunting Sasquatch, the Board Game

SpyGlass Games $2586 of $9000 raised (28%) 15 days left

Battle for Biternia: Pixelvania Hero Pack

Stone Circle Games $4961 of $10500 raised (47%) 29 days left

Faux Diamonds & Baseball Highlights: The Dice Game

Eagle Games $18853 of $15000 raised (125%) 2 days left

Factory Funner, Bear Raid, and Ghosts of Christmas $79309 of $50000 raised (158%) 22 days left

Crayne: Fractured Empire

Christopher Fielder $7570 of $4570 raised (165%) 14 days left

Pocket Pixel Artist + Swearmints

Chris Rossetti $5088 of $2500 raised (203%) 15 days left

Night Market

Talon Strikes Studios $40911 of $20000 raised (204%) 10 days left

Valeria: Card Kingdoms – Darksworn

Daily Magic Games $134649 of $65000 raised (207%) 7 days left

Fiend Friends: Soul Arcade | Issue 1

Vic Hollins $1044 of $500 raised (208%) 10 days left

Gray Eminence: Year of Chaos Expansion

Timo Multamäki @ Arctic Union $2119 of $999 raised (212%) 6 days left

Heads Will Roll

Lay Waste Games LLC $11147 of $5000 raised (222%) 15 days left


Eduardo Baraf $30508 of $10000 raised (305%) 12 days left

Legendary Metal Coins season 6

Drawlab $42922 of $13713 raised (313%) 20 days left

Ilusions of Prestige - a Roll and Write Revolution Game

Derik Duley $347 of $100 raised (347%) 7 days left

Drinking Quest: Six Pack

Jason Anarchy $63195 of $15899 raised (397%) 8 days left

Robinson Crusoe - Collector's Edition

Portal Games $569743 of $59125 raised (963%) 20 days left

Sleeve Kings Premium Card Sleeves, 55 per pack in 7 sizes!

Imperial Publishing Inc $104608 of $5000 raised (2092%) 9 days left

Death Valley

Jason Tagmire $56904 of $2000 raised (2845%) 3 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Journey to Ecrya - Ecrya Games

About the Game: Journey to Ecrya is a roleplay driven fantasy board game for 2 to 4 players. You choose one of eight playable Heroes to embark on your journey towards the ancient city of Ecrya. On your travels on the Cursed Mountain, you encounter dangerous beasts and some of societies most vicious rejects. Equip your Hero with Weapons, Armor and other Items to survive. Weave powerful Spells and use Provisions to brave the wilds and their dangers, or test your endurance during Events. Be the first Hero to reach the forgotten city, defeat the menacing Boss that lurks there, and win the game! We encourage role playing, but it is not necessary to enjoy the game. Journey to Ecrya will be supported by a digital solo player mode on Steam. The Gameplay: Here we explain the board game, not the digital solo play version) A minimum of 2 players is required, up to a total of 4. The game is turn based and each player takes on the role of the Game Master, as well as the role of the Active Player respectively. During your turn you draw Treasure Cards, equip yourself with Items, use Trinkets or Provisions and prepare for a new day of adventure. After that you enter the Travel Phase in which you will face a random Encounter, drawn by the current Game Master. Here you can meet Creatures to fight, locations to explore, or trigger special global Events. Your choices and die rolls determine the outcome of each Encounter and they may be different each time. Resolving Encounter Cards will allow you to advance on the board. During fights you may play Combat Spells or use your unique Hero abilities. If you want to know more details about the game play you can download the rulebook beta version below. The Goal: The goal is to reach the peak of the mountain, meaning the final field on the board, first. Here you must defeat the Boss, belonging to one of the three enemy Factions. The Hero who manages to defeat the Boss first wins the game. The Game Components: There are 8 different playable Hero Cards for you to choose from! Each with their own strengths and weaknesses, all of them embarking on this journey for their own goals and reasons. The game also contains 3 Boss Cards. These introduce the menacing creatures awaiting you on top of the Cursed Mountain. They are the last obstacle between you and your victory. One Boss for each Faction. Additionally, there are 50 different and unique Treasure Cards. Items, Trinkets, Provisions and Spells are the usable Treasures. These Cards are used to boost your Stats, heal you or give you other powerful bonuses. Armor, Weapons and Shields can be equipped to strengthen your Heroes Attack and Resistance. There are 50 different and unique Encounter Cards for your Heroes to face. They include Creatures, Locations and Meetings, everything you can come across on your journey. The Creatures belong to one of 3 Factions, each with their own special Creature Types. Most Encounters require your choices on how to proceed. There is no wrong or right with your choices, each one can lead to a positive or negative outcome, depending on your luck with the dice. The game also includes 15 different Event Cards. They feature situations you and the other Heroes have to face while they travel. Events are only triggered when you land on certain fields on your path. They often have consequences that affect many Heroes at once. —description from the publisher

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