This Week in IGA: March 17, 2021

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Now Crowdfunding

Hunting Sasquatch, the Board Game

SpyGlass Games $1895 of $9000 raised (21%) 22 days left

Fortune & Famine

Mid Level Meeple $2665 of $11000 raised (24%) 15 days left

Book one of The Branded: The Uprising

Zach Rishling $453 of $600 raised (75%) 6 days left

Faux Diamonds & Baseball Highlights: The Dice Game

Eagle Games $16672 of $15000 raised (111%) 9 days left

Crayne: Fractured Empire

Christopher Fielder $7383 of $4631 raised (159%) 21 days left

Night Market

Talon Strikes Studios $34817 of $20000 raised (174%) 17 days left

Valeria: Card Kingdoms – Darksworn

Daily Magic Games $113871 of $65000 raised (175%) 14 days left

Pocket Pixel Artist + Swearmints

Chris Rossetti $4524 of $2500 raised (180%) 22 days left

Hunted: Wode Ridge

Gabe Barrett $29128 of $15000 raised (194%) 2 days left

Fiend Friends: Soul Arcade | Issue 1

Vic Hollins $1044 of $500 raised (208%) 17 days left

Drinking Quest: Six Pack

Jason Anarchy $44734 of $16031 raised (279%) 15 days left

Ilusions of Prestige - a Roll and Write Revolution Game

Derik Duley $328 of $100 raised (328%) 14 days left

Gift of Tulips

Weird Giraffe Games $26395 of $6000 raised (439%) 8 days left

Death Valley

Jason Tagmire $29808 of $2000 raised (1490%) 10 days left

Sleeve Kings Premium Card Sleeves, 55 per pack in 7 sizes!

Imperial Publishing Inc $80498 of $5000 raised (1609%) 16 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Stonelight - The Crazy Magic Tournament - Churro Games

STONELIGHT is a fun-to-play game where up to 6 players play simultaneously, collecting resources and casting spells to each other to collect 6 Magic Stones before anyone else to win the game. The fact that everyone plays simultaneously brings a lot of amusing and unpredictable interactions in every game.

Fertile Ground - Infinitum

Fertile Ground is found all over the world, and as a Gardener, you endeavor to find and Sow the unique flora of the globe in your own Garden. As your Garden grows, your plants help and guide you along this path, accelerating your progress while also necessitating thoughtful orientation of new plants in your Garden. But you're not alone; other Gardeners are watching, and working just as hard to create the most productive Garden by the end of Winter - and only one will prevail! Gardeners begin with a hand of between 1-7 of the 200 unique Plant Cards and work to Sow these into their Garden. As they do so, they will need to Collect resources (Soil, Sun, Water, Seed) to pay for the cards as well as make sure that they have appropriate space where each plant can survive. Taking turns, Gardeners collect resources, gather cards, and Sow plants into their Gardens; as they accumulate more plants and their associated abilities, their capacity to do each of these increases drastically. The game proceeds through the four seasons (rounds) in which each Gardener has a set number of turns, and at the end of each season Gardeners Pollinate their plants to gather Harvest. At the end of Winter, the value of the accumulated plants, resources, various tokens, and more determine the total value of each Garden, and thus the winner of the game. —description from the designer

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