This Week in IGA: November 18, 2020

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Gods of Metal: Save Reality with the Power of Metal!

Christopher Brown $1653 of $6500 raised (25%) 28 days left

Clash of Armies: Medieval deckbuilding

Poncho Games $4009 of $12000 raised (33%) 22 days left


Usiak Games and Designs $9488 of $25000 raised (37%) 8 days left

Dirt Dog

Matt Shoemaker $1590 of $4000 raised (39%) 15 days left

Board Game Blankets: Stay Warm, My Friend

Atheris Entertainment $3661 of $7500 raised (48%) 22 days left

Macaron - A game of patisserie with novel tastes

Ta-Te Wu $4240 of $8000 raised (53%) 13 days left

Rescuing Robin Hood

Castillo Games $9505 of $15000 raised (63%) 15 days left

Banana Hammock

Mind Ramen Games $2549 of $4000 raised (63%) 25 days left

Top Tale - Tell Epic Tales To Win the Top Tale

Peter A Seiler $6261 of $6000 raised (104%) 3 days left

Kaiser's Gate for SWAdE and 5e

Battlefield Press, Inc. $1359 of $1300 raised (104%) 29 days left

Questlings - A Children's Book Series and RPG Adventure!

Dan Letzring $5636 of $5200 raised (108%) 22 days left

Asking for Trobils Reprint & More

Breaking Games $29265 of $25000 raised (117%) 22 days left

Samurai Brothers Ninja Battle Game

Moon Rock $6023 of $4900 raised (122%) 2 days left

KAPOW! The fast & furious super-powered buildable dice game!

Robert Dougherty $61475 of $50000 raised (122%) 15 days left


Game Brewer $77963 of $60000 raised (129%) 23 days left

Four Humours

Adam Rehberg $16018 of $10000 raised (160%) 16 days left

Sakura Arms - Duel Under Falling Cherry Blossoms

David B. Talton Jr. $117713 of $60000 raised (196%) 1 days left

Dark Venture - BATTLE of the ANCIENTS

Rob Lemon $31573 of $14000 raised (225%) 6 days left

Creature Comforts

Kids Table Board Gaming $64076 of $18304 raised (350%) 22 days left

Upzone - The Pop Up Wargaming & RPG Terrain System

Everything Epic $323668 of $50000 raised (647%) 15 days left

Commissioned: The Call

Patrick Lysaght $43007 of $6000 raised (716%) 1 days left

Rune (Reprint & New Micro-Expansion)

Little Rocket Games $12742 of $1068 raised (1193%) 12 days left

Death Goddess Izanami

Axis Mundi $85124 of $2370 raised (3591%) 13 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Mining Mars - NewVenture Games

In this game of cards and cubes, players assume the role of entrepreneurs in the far future investing in mineral mines on the planet Mars. Various types of ore are represented by colored cubes contained in a small cloth bag called 'the mine.' A large card represents the Ore Train with a set of ore cubes available to all players, but players may choose to draw a random cube from the mine instead. Each player has a large card representing their own refinery which includes conveyors to process the five types of ore. Each player also has a small screen called their Warehouse, behind which they will conceal their store of refined minerals as the game goes on. There are also cards which can be drawn by the players to aid their efforts, or hinder the efforts of their competitors. On each turn, a player may draw a card (if they wish), and will select an ore cube to add to their refinery. When ore completes the refining process, the player is rewarded by special tasks or choices they can make, including playing their cards. The end game is triggered when one player has refined five 'rarium' cubes (the most valuable of the Martian minerals). Then the winner is determined by the greatest number of refined minerals in the player's warehouse. —description from the publisher

Quests & Cannons - Short Hop Games

A high fantasy on the high seas competitive, sandbox-style adventure game for 1-6 players. Quests & Cannons takes place in the original fantasy world of Miraheim, where a set of mysterious islands have risen from the sea. With the magical balance of the world disrupted, the people of Miraheim begin to leave their homelands and begin to settle on the islands, finding them to be plentiful in resources. Ancient writings have begun to be uncovered telling of a mythical treasure hidden among the islands through a series of map clues that could be the key to restoring balance to the world. Players are adventurers sent from one of the three prominent kingdoms of Miraheim to ensure the prosperity of their kingdom's settlers as well as search for this fabled treasure that could save their homes. Quests & Cannons is an accessible deep strategy game about exploration, epic quests, and exciting combat. Players use action points each turn on an open movement modular game board to explore the various islands, receive quests from the settlers, gather resources, find map clues, upgrade their ships, collect loot, and trade cannon fire with rival adventurers. The object of the game is to get to the most prosperity at the end of the game. Players earn prosperity by finishing quests, completing map clues, and attacking other players. —description from the publisher

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