This Week in IGA: November 4, 2020

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Velocity: Vanguard

Precarious Games $13801 of $84100 raised (16%) 14 days left

Flight from Hall Manor

Brains and Brawn Gaming $458 of $2000 raised (22%) LAST DAY!


Usiak Games and Designs $6185 of $25000 raised (24%) 22 days left

The Ranch - Fences Expansion Pack

Adam Collins (Bearded Board Games) $3958 of $8000 raised (49%) 1 days left

Banana Hammock

Mind Ramen Games $4168 of $7499 raised (55%) 9 days left

The King's Armory - The Tower Defense Board Game

John Wrot! $70614 of $124000 raised (56%) 23 days left

Card Bard

Keyan Kenney $6923 of $12000 raised (57%) 1 days left

My Date with a Zombie

Alayn Clint $1525 of $2500 raised (61%) 15 days left

The Excellents RPG & Princess Accessories

9thLevel $7009 of $9900 raised (70%) 8 days left

Top Tale - Tell Epic Tales To Win the Top Tale

Peter A Seiler $4867 of $6000 raised (81%) 17 days left

Samurai Brothers Ninja Battle Game

Moon Rock $5573 of $4900 raised (113%) 16 days left

Pets 'n' Pirates - A Card game

Mario Pietro Brioschi $7592 of $5603 raised (135%) 5 days left

Sakura Arms - Duel Under Falling Cherry Blossoms

David B. Talton Jr. $90107 of $60000 raised (150%) 15 days left

Dark Venture - BATTLE of the ANCIENTS

Rob Lemon $26422 of $14000 raised (188%) 20 days left

Season's Grim Things: Creepy Christmas Cards- Season Two

Jamie Noble Frier $768 of $325 raised (236%) 6 days left

Pocket Paragons

Solis Game Studio $19342 of $8000 raised (241%) 1 days left

The Librarians: Adventure Card Game

Everything Epic $119378 of $40000 raised (298%) 5 days left

Poketto Collection

Poketto $30360 of $10000 raised (303%) 10 days left

Commissioned: The Call

Patrick Lysaght $30259 of $6000 raised (504%) 15 days left


Drawlab $97207 of $13031 raised (745%) 1 days left

Kabuto Sumo Board Game

Chad DeShon $175639 of $10000 raised (1756%) 8 days left

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The Unseen
Rookie Mage Games
Flight from Hall Manor
Brains & Brawn Gaming
Heroes Vs. Foes
Brains & Brawn Gaming
Masters of the Night Sky
Curiolis Games
Gray Eminence
DDP Games
NewVenture Games
The Screaming Brain, LLC
Mirror Image Media
Persnickety Games
The Transcontinental
Wheelhouse Games
Mystic Clans: Ninjas
Level Ladder
Card-Z: the 'burbs
Samurai Brothers
Moon Rock Games
Playable Games
Orion's Spur
Fiero Initiative, LLC
Arcade Inc
Orcs Unlimited
Venture Capital
Sixpence Games
Scattered Nexus
Slim Studios
Death of Liberty - Board Game
No Limit Games, Inc.
Shear Sheep Mayhem
Twilight Game Designs T&J
Usiak Games and Designs

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Game: Horrified
Publisher: Ravensburger
Photo by John C. (#3860)

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