This Week in IGA: September 30, 2020

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Tabletop United

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Now Crowdfunding

The Sable Scourge - A Board Game for Ordinary Citizens

Brains and Brawn Gaming $386 of $20000 raised (1%) 6 days left

Feudal Endeavor (Kickstarter Exclusive)

I Will Never Grow Up Gaming $2652 of $9861 raised (26%) 2 days left

30 Seconds to Live - 1-2 player competitive zombie card game

Kitten Kaiju Games $3478 of $10000 raised (34%) 21 days left


Adventure Ink $26761 of $75000 raised (35%) 23 days left

Facility 07: Exploration | Espionage | Battle Royale Twist!

Never Engine Games $6209 of $14900 raised (41%) 15 days left

Arcana Magica

89 Visions $7354 of $16058 raised (45%) 2 days left

Fray - Champions of the Every-Verse

Brain Sandwich Games $13754 of $30000 raised (45%) 29 days left

Madoshi: Priests of the Sun and Moon

DPH Games Inc $1849 of $3000 raised (61%) 11 days left

Automated Alice

Robb De Nicola $9844 of $11000 raised (89%) 8 days left

Lucky Luau

CardLords $4378 of $4000 raised (109%) 15 days left

Office Buzz

Matt Kim $5699 of $5000 raised (113%) 15 days left

Spycret Circumvention

Jayne @ Sweet Wimble Games Ltd $2490 of $2124 raised (117%) 4 days left

Ten Suns: Dawn of China

Medieval Lords $11324 of $6642 raised (170%) 6 days left

Mini Memory Mischief

Atikin Games $1172 of $407 raised (287%) 28 days left

Philosophia: Floating World

Cogito Ergo Meeple $98525 of $32054 raised (307%) LAST DAY!

Bots Up - The bot battling card game

Bots Up $17087 of $4487 raised (380%) 14 days left

The Reckoners: Steelslayer

Nauvoo Games $310729 of $50000 raised (621%) 1 days left

Set Watch: Swords of the Coin ⚔️

Mike Gnade $139082 of $20000 raised (695%) 15 days left


Smunchy Games $17133 of $2300 raised (744%) 7 days left

Monsters on Board

Final Frontier Games $250711 of $30000 raised (835%) LAST DAY!

Embarcadero - Rule the Waterfront!

Renegade Game Studios $44211 of $5000 raised (884%) 2 days left


Dave Clarke - Sinister Fish Games $395882 of $39399 raised (1004%) LAST DAY!

Arcane Zoo

Doug Levandowski $541 of $50 raised (1082%) 15 days left

CHARMS: Quests for Antiracism

C. Aaron Kreader $1500 of $100 raised (1500%) 8 days left


FLATOUT GAMES $157319 of $8000 raised (1966%) 21 days left

Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Island: Rawr 'n Write

Pandasaurus Games $512888 of $25000 raised (2051%) 16 days left

Agropolis: A Solo & Cooperative Farm-Building Game

Jason Tagmire $60893 of $2000 raised (3044%) 10 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Zig - NewVenture Games

Zig is a game of cards and cubes for three to five players in which each player is attempting to acquire sets of colored cubes to score points. The card play is unique in that a pair of 'Zag' cards is played to a mat in such a way that a connection is made between verbs, numbers, and colors. These combinations result in the exchange of cubes, and aside from a point value, these cubes can be used to purchase additional cards, thereby forming new connections in the next round. Can you utilize the available 'Zigs and Zags' effectively to gain more points than your opponents? You have only nine turns to find out! —description from the publisher

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Game: Horrified
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