This Week in IGA: September 2, 2020

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Runes of Zun: Strategy Card Game

Dave Balmer $1806 of $5000 raised (36%) 15 days left

Galaxy Hunters

IDW Games $46708 of $80000 raised (58%) 16 days left

Philosophia: Floating World

Cogito Ergo Meeple $22150 of $32054 raised (69%) 29 days left

GROWL: Madness and Plagues

Joey Vigour $11790 of $15000 raised (78%) 10 days left

Votes for Women

Fort Circle $15245 of $15000 raised (101%) 23 days left

Five Torches Deep: Origins

Sigil Stone Publishing $2483 of $2000 raised (124%) 15 days left

Deck of Wonders

Furia Games $30680 of $20000 raised (153%) 16 days left

Rurik: Stone & Blade (Reprint & Expansion)

PieceKeeper Games $83224 of $50000 raised (166%) 21 days left

Arkwright the Card Game

Game Brewer $61226 of $25000 raised (244%) 1 days left

Die of the Dead

Radical 8 Games $25078 of $9159 raised (273%) 15 days left


Dave Clarke - Sinister Fish Games $126958 of $39399 raised (322%) 29 days left

Board Game Design Starter Kit

Gabe Barrett $52790 of $10000 raised (527%) 2 days left

Button Shy Game Haul Bag

Jason Tagmire $20625 of $2000 raised (1031%) 3 days left

Postcard Games: Stamp, Send, Play!

Travis Drake $8749 of $500 raised (1749%) 1 days left

Playmats and Bags for Board Games

Chad DeShon $183157 of $10000 raised (1831%) 8 days left

Cafe Chaos : The Odd 1s Out

James Rallison $600534 of $10000 raised (6005%) 8 days left

Star Travelers

Brains and Brawn Gaming $0 of $3879 raised (0%) 13 days left

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New Playtests This Week

The Transcontinental - Wheelhouse Games

The Transcontinental is a medium-weight euro, with worker-placement and pickup and deliver mechanics, about the development of the Canadian transcontinental railway. Players are contractors, working to complete the railway, sending out telegrams along a linear worker placement track, and then take turns in telegram order, loading and unloading to a shared train that travels across the country. Players can use these resources to complete developments ranging from lumber mills and farms to cities and national parks, or can use the resources to bid to extend the railway. Powerful one-time use ally cards, themed around a rich and inclusive cast of Canadian historical figures, allow players to make powerful comboed actions. —description from the publisher

Elegami - Persnickety Games

In Elegami 2 to 4 players compete to build the most impressive collection of elemental spells within one year, or 4 seasons. Players are dealt cards which they can choose from, in the form of a draft, to customize their hands to best suit their play-style for each season. Four Common Cards are dealt at the beginning of every season to boost all players Mana Pools, which are used to add Elemental Cards from their hands to their personal collection. The competition is fierce and cunning players will use the elements to hinder the opposition! Many underhanded tricks can, and will be used to win this competition of Elegami!

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