This Week in IGA: May 20, 2020

New Partnerships

Magicraft Co, Ltd.

Leading board game manufacturer. Produced the well-known games like Tokkaido, MageKnight, Quantum, 1775, 1812, Freedom, and Deadline.

10% discount across the board for all IGA Pro Members.

Now Crowdfunding

Cows In My Pants, An Amoosingly Fun Game

Kathi Sjostrom $4945 of $4900 raised (100%) 10 days left

Out Style: A Fast & Stylish Game That Fits In Your Pocket

Medieval Lords $5982 of $5311 raised (112%) 9 days left

Battle of the Boybands

Game And A Curry, LLC $10551 of $8000 raised (131%) 15 days left

Charlie Foxtrot: A Battlelords Sourcebook

23rd Century Productions $9105 of $5500 raised (165%) 4 days left

Curators: Collection Conundrum

Worldshapers $30445 of $17000 raised (179%) 1 days left

Bullet♥︎ — Shoot-em-up Puzzle Action Board Game

David B. Talton Jr. $97892 of $50000 raised (195%) 28 days left


Everything Epic $11019 of $5000 raised (220%) 13 days left

Frenemy Pastry Party

Solis Game Studio $15682 of $6000 raised (261%) 22 days left

Tiny Ninjas: Heroes (and Tiny Ninjas)

2niverse Games $56654 of $14213 raised (398%) 8 days left

DOUBLEHEAD KIDS - 2nd print + white expansion

studio trojan $4726 of $542 raised (871%) 13 days left

Ulaya Chronicles: Cooperative Wargame

James Baldwin $71325 of $8098 raised (880%) 13 days left

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Rise of the Psycho Rangers

Renegade Game Studios $231734 of $25000 raised (926%) 6 days left

Tiny Epic Pirates

Gamelyn Games $398416 of $15000 raised (2656%) 20 days left

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Current / Upcoming Boosts

Samurai Brothers
May 01, 2020 - May 31, 2020

Upcoming Conventions

Origins Game Fair
Columbus, OH USA
Oct 7 - Oct 11, 2020

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Sebastian Z.
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New & Restocked in the Store

VERBA: Español Core Set
The Pericles Group, LLC

VERBA: Latin Core Set
The Pericles Group, LLC

Underlings of Underwing
The Pericles Group, LLC

Photo of the Month

Game: Orléans
Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games
Photo by Sam F. (#2326)

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