This Week in IGA: February 12, 2020

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2020 Convention Services on sale now!

It’s here! Sign up for convention support at Escape Winter Convention, Gen Con and Origins Game Fair with IGA now! We’ve also listened to your feedback from the recent survey, and we’ve cut the prices on ALL convention services significantly. IGA Pro members save an extra 10% on top of that, too!

Plus, with our newly redesigned Convention Service Store, you can now book the exact time you want – no more asking for a time and waiting to be scheduled!

Important to note: IGA Pro and Lite members have an exclusive window to purchase Gen Con and Origins time. We’ve waived it for EWC because EWC is a very short run — it was a last-minute add to our schedule and the show is in late February, so you’ll need to act now if you want representation there. As for Origins and Gen Con — if you want first access to the best timeslots, you can always upgrade to Pro now!

Book time now from your Studio Dashboard at!

IGA renews partnership with Print and Play Games

IGA is proud to announce that we’ve renewed our partnership with Print and Play Games, a premier provider of both prototype printing and full-turnkey service. Print and Play offers fantastic quality and can do turnaround of as little as 48 hours.

IGA Pro and Lite members save 5% off of all orders at Print and Play, and an additional 5% off orders exceeding $200. If you’re prototyping a game now, this benefit alone could easily be enough for your entire year of Pro to pay for itself — plus you get access to all these other amazing benefits!

Pro and Lite members can find the updated coupon codes to use at the Print and Play partner page.

Now Crowdfunding

Modern: Necromancy | The Book Of The Dead

Raymond $69 of $600 raised (11%) 11 days left

Make 100 Necrotopia: Tarot Divina Demonica

Keenan Dunham $95 of $600 raised (15%) 14 days left

Orion's Spur

Fiero Initiative $4866 of $30000 raised (16%) 1 days left

Shards: Worldbuilding Zine

Stephen Coffey $971 of $3226 raised (30%) 13 days left

Chiseled: A Deck-Sculpting Card Game

Michael Epstein $5402 of $9600 raised (56%) 19 days left


ODAM Publishing LLC $7485 of $10000 raised (74%) 29 days left

Global Crisis: The Game of Future Earth

C. Aaron Kreader $2270 of $3000 raised (75%) 22 days left

Tri To Win - the triathlon card game

Atikin Games $2999 of $3650 raised (82%) 8 days left

10 Gallon Tank

Winsmith Games LLC $9505 of $8900 raised (106%) 8 days left

Gray Eminence : A game of intrigue, deception and amorality

Timo Multamäki @ Arctic Union $6544 of $6000 raised (109%) 8 days left

Jujo - Redux

David Santiago $1637 of $1500 raised (109%) 18 days left

King Arthur's Vortex Chess

El Fenix Games $1555 of $1299 raised (119%) 13 days left

Harrowings: The Exalted Hours

Drew Cochran $1239 of $860 raised (144%) 8 days left

The Rival Networks

Gil Hova $35128 of $20000 raised (175%) 2 days left

Mazes RPG - New Zines every 3 Months #ZINEQUEST2

9thLevel $3485 of $1981 raised (175%) 13 days left

Swords & Sails 48x36 Premium Neoprene Game Map (Make 100)

Jason R. Williams $1874 of $1000 raised (187%) 16 days left

Canosa - Deluxe Wooden Board Game (Make 100)

One Day West Games $5851 of $3000 raised (195%) 14 days left

Chaosmos... The Temple!

Joey Vigour $41724 of $18000 raised (231%) 8 days left

Vorpal Board

Vorpal Enterprises $51008 of $20000 raised (255%) 8 days left

Age of Ambition: Fantasy Roleplaying in Changing Times

Tab Creations LLC $9081 of $3000 raised (302%) 8 days left

Jurassic Parts

Chad Elkins $31728 of $10000 raised (317%) LAST DAY!

Tinderblox & Kittin - Play with fire & Stack cats!

Caezar and Kuly from Alley Cat Games $28998 of $7240 raised (400%) 15 days left

Legendary Dice Bags: Add style to your game

Drawlab $8842 of $1958 raised (451%) 1 days left

Kanban EV by Vital Lacerda with Artwork by Ian O'Toole

Eagle Games $462955 of $100000 raised (462%) 9 days left

Potato Pirates 2: Enter The Spudnet

Codomo $165721 of $11141 raised (1487%) 3 days left

QE and On Tour - Board Games Reprint

Chad DeShon $172839 of $10000 raised (1728%) 8 days left

Tanares Adventures + Arena: the Contest 1.5

Dragori Games $1089651 of $50000 raised (2179%) 15 days left

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Did You Know?

IGA convention services for 2020 are now on sale, at reduced prices! Book services at Gen Con, Origins and more now! Get the details and sign up now!

Upcoming Conventions

Escape Winter Con
Orlando, FL USA
Feb 21 - Feb 23, 2020

Origins Game Fair
Columbus, OH USA
Jun 17 - Jun 21, 2020

Gen Con
Indianapolis, IN USA
Jul 30 - Aug 2, 2020

Welcome New Minions!

Jonas T.
David B.

New & Restocked in the Store

Supreme Leader Promo Leaders Pack
Card Culture

Pinball Showdown: Vari-Target Promo
Shoot Again Games

Christmas Lights: A Card Game – Krampus
25th Century Games

Darwinning!: Paradise Promo
DDP Games

Kingdomino: Princess Castle
Blue Orange Games

Kingdomino: Dark Castle
Blue Orange Games

Queendomino: Chinese Castle
Blue Orange Games

Queendomino: Christmas Castle
Blue Orange Games

Foodtown Throwdown (5th Player Expansion)
Argyle Games

Pixel Glory: Achievements
Zafty Games

Gingerdead House: Star S'mores
Zafty Games

Gingerdead House: The Walking Bread
Zafty Games

Conspiracy: Bigfoot/Patterson-Gimlin Film Promo Cards
Shoot Again Games

Bigfoot vs. Yeti - Jackalope Promo Set
Shoot Again Games

WarMage Promo - Warmage's Signet
Roan Arts LLC

Deck Box Dungeons - Quicksilver Sword Promo (Kickstarter Version)
Ariah Studios

Deck Box Dungeons - Quicksilver Sword Promo (Retail Edition)
Ariah Studios

Battle Blakes - Promo Pack 1
Cohio Games

Battle Blakes - Promo Pack 2
Cohio Games

Blend Off!: Mystery Twisters
Thunderworks Games

Zombie Sheep: Dung of the Dead
Casual Dragon Games

Get Off My Land! - Farmhand Promo
One Free Elephant

Cauldron: Moon Deck
Magic Helmet Games LLC

Catacombs: Gelatinous Cube Promo
Elzra Corp.

Catacombs Conquest: Angga promo card
Elzra Corp.

Catacombs Conquest: Qurru promo card
Elzra Corp.

Catacombs: Wyvern Monarch Promo
Elzra Corp.

Chicken Caesar: Fowl Play Expansion
Nevermore Games

Looting Atlantis - Colored Standees
Shoot Again Games

Dice Bazaar: Monkey Mini Expansion
Disruptive, Inc.

Battle of Durak: Shapeshifter Promo Card
Disruptive, Inc.

Ophidian 2360: Promo Pack 1
Hack and Slash Game Company

Ophidian 2360: Promo Pack 2
Hack and Slash Game Company

Ophidian 2360: Promo Pack 3
Hack and Slash Game Company

Elemental Conflux - The Convocation Promo Card
Pointy Hat Games, LLC

Roll Player: Cursed Ring
Thunderworks Games

Tavern Masters: Gnorm! Promo Pack
Dann Kriss Games

Fallen City of Karez: Golden Dragon
Golden Egg Games, LLC.

Psychological Warfare: Mystic
DPH Games Inc.

Born to Serve - Pastry Chef
Shoot Again Games

Mageling Kickstarter Promo Pack
Familiar Games

Overlords of Infamy - Dead & Breakfast Add-on Pack
Obscure Reference Games

Overlords of Infamy - Schedule a Kingdom-Wide Tabletop Gaming Event
Obscure Reference Games

Secrets of the Lost Tomb Promo 1
Everything Epic

Big Trouble in Little China: The Game – Six Demon Bag Promos
Everything Epic

Pixel Tactics: Udstad
Level 99 Games

Pixel Tactics: Game Informant / Ryan Metzler
Level 99 Games

Pixel Tactics: Game Pundit / Zee Garcia
Level 99 Games

Exploration: Shield Promo

Beasts: Edge of Extinction - Argentavis Scavenge Promo
Riftway Games

Mystic Tiger Games Felt Dice Bowl
Mystic Tiger Games, LLC

Sectre: 5vp Promo
Freshwater Game Company

Leaders of Euphoria: Artifact Pack #1
Pull the Pin Games

Hidden Justice
Curiolis Games

Fail Faster: The Playtesting Journal
Off the Page Games

Photo of the Month

Yokai Septet
Game: Yokai Septet
Publisher: Ninja Star Games
Photo by Brian M. (#3041)

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