This Week in IGA: November 20, 2019

New Partnerships

Sky Games

Turnkey board game manufacturing

IGA Pro members receive 5% off on all orders.

Guangzhou Feima Printing Products Co., Ltd.

Turnkey card game manufacturing

5% off all orders for IGA Pro members.

Ka-Blam Digital Printing

Paperback comic and RPG book printing, including small runs

IGA Pro members receive 20% off their printing, or 10% off if you have Ka-Blam also handle your Kickstarter fulfillment.

Now Crowdfunding

HOUSEBOY Board Game (3rd ed.)

Cheeky Dingo Games $584 of $15000 raised (3%) 1 days left

Arcade Inc (redux)

Orcs Unlimited $217 of $3000 raised (7%) 9 days left

Mr. Java

Viviludi $3387 of $28849 raised (11%) 15 days left


Mike Gnade $5210 of $24000 raised (21%) 23 days left

Battle Bears: The Board Game

OOMM Games $6598 of $26434 raised (24%) 23 days left

Ducks in Tow

First Fish Games $4076 of $14223 raised (28%) 22 days left

Complicated Board Game the Card Game: Time 2 Play

offcut games $4966 of $17100 raised (29%) 20 days left

King's Keys Playing Cards

Jeffrey Daymont $899 of $3000 raised (29%) 18 days left

Global Crisis: The Game of Future Earth

C. Aaron Kreader $1931 of $5900 raised (32%) 18 days left

SeQuEl: play with special forces to win virtual elements

Virtual Elements $3400 of $10000 raised (34%) 5 days left

13 Monsters - a battle memory tabletop game!

Rens Willemsen $3870 of $11169 raised (34%) 30 days left

On Pointe

Analog Game Studios $666 of $1437 raised (46%) 22 days left


White Cherry Games $23465 of $40000 raised (58%) 22 days left

Per My Last Email

Brain Sandwich Games $8751 of $14000 raised (62%) 6 days left

Ski Tour: Biathlon

Tea Time Productions $15087 of $18539 raised (81%) 22 days left

Slasher - 80s horror movies card game

Jérôme Bodin $2363 of $2450 raised (96%) 4 days left

Rare Roses

Rocky Heckman $5489 of $4454 raised (123%) 13 days left

Glory: A Game of Knights

Strategos Games $21473 of $15000 raised (143%) 19 days left

Seven Bridges - A Stroll & Write Board Game

Puzzling Pixel Games $17367 of $12000 raised (144%) 2 days left

Vampire: the Masquerade - Blood Feud a Mega Board Game

Everything Epic $66791 of $45000 raised (148%) 6 days left

Don't Let It Die - The Prehistoric Coop Survival Game

Dustin Hendrickson $10352 of $6000 raised (172%) 1 days left

Hey Cutie : The Tabletop Dating Sim

Brian Sowers $5658 of $3000 raised (188%) 10 days left


Jason Brooks $59720 of $25000 raised (238%) 15 days left

Psychological Warfare (4th ed)

DPH Games Inc $1253 of $500 raised (250%) 22 days left

The Shores of Tripoli

Fort Circle $39718 of $15000 raised (264%) 1 days left

Button Shy Wallet Games - Reprint Campaign

Jason Tagmire $9826 of $3500 raised (280%) 10 days left

Loot of Lima

Chad DeShon $29459 of $10000 raised (294%) 22 days left

Tungaru - A Euro game designed by Louis & Stefan Malz

Caezar and Kuly from Alley Cat Games $53910 of $12290 raised (438%) 8 days left


studio trojan $3438 of $551 raised (623%) 20 days left

Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness

Creative Games Studio $353265 of $50000 raised (706%) 8 days left

The Wishing Sigil

Doug Levandowski $1261 of $100 raised (1261%) 6 days left

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Welcome New Minions!

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New & Restocked in the Store

Cry Havoc
Portal Games

Monolith Arena
Portal Games

Dragon Market
Blue Orange Games

51st State
Portal Games

Alien Artifacts
Portal Games

Asking for Trobils
Breaking Games

Call to Adventure: Name of the Wind
Brotherwise Games

Pull the Pin Games

Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy
Portal Games

The Nightmare Forest: Dead Run
SolarFlare Games

Planetary Control!
Kerberos Productions

Roll Player
Thunderworks Games

Thunderworks Games

Tofu Kingdom
Blue Orange Games

Tortuga 1667
Facade Games

Treasures and Traps: Expanded Realms 1
Studio 9 Games

We Need to Talk
Smirk & Laughter Games

Underlings of Underwing: Deluxe Play Mat – Solo
The Pericles Group, LLC

Unearth: The Lost Tribe
Brotherwise Games

Blue Orange Games

Scream Or Die
Amber Palace Games LLC

Toe Sham Bo
Zafty Games

Town Builder: Coevorden
First Fish Games

Quartermaster General: The Cold War
PSC Games

Kind Fortress

0 Year Games

Biplane Games

Fire in the Library
Weird Giraffe Games

Safari Turbo
Tarancon Board Games

Clarion Game Studios, LLC

Death Wish
Zafty Games

Heir to the Throne
Amber Palace Games LLC

Tortured Earth
Tortured Earth LLC

Brain Bugg

VENOM Assault
Spyglass Games

KinSoul Studio

Familiar Games

LACORSA Grand Prix Game
Linea Rossa Games LLC

Dobbers: Quest for the Key
Splattered Ink Games

Dobbers: Quest for the Key – 5-6 Player Expansion!
Splattered Ink Games

GROWL - Basic Box
Vigour Games

Swords & Sails
VRGames / VR-Soft.Com LLC

White Wizard Games

Newfoundland Jam
Jason Anarchy Games

Clear the Decks!
Crispy Games Company

No Escape
OOMM Games

Gnomes at Midnight
Analog Game Studios

MetaCheckers: Kangaroo Edition
MetaDreams LLC

MetaCheckers: Pocket Edition
MetaDreams LLC

Alkemia: Destiny's Recipe
KinSoul Studio

Attack! Deluxe
Eagle-Gryphon Games

Secrets of the Lost Tomb
Everything Epic

Wing It: The Game of Extreme Storytelling
Flying Leap Games

Robots Love Ice Cream: The Card Game
25th Century Games

Francis Drake
Eagle-Gryphon Games

Terrene Odyssey
CGC Games

Eagle-Gryphon Games

Wyatt Earp
Eagle-Gryphon Games

Dice & Dragons
Golden Egg Games, LLC.

Looting Atlantis
Shoot Again Games

Zombie Sheep
Casual Dragon Games

Analog Game Studios

Galatune, LLC

Cauldron: Bubble and Boil
Magic Circle Games, LLC

Medieval Mastery
Chaos Publishing

Overlords of Infamy
Obscure Reference Games

Pyramid of the Sun
NSKN Games

Bigfoot vs. Yeti
Shoot Again Games

Twitch Factory

Pinball Showdown
Shoot Again Games

Troll Bridge
Cravon Studios

Battle of Durak
Disruptive, Inc.

One Free Elephant

No Honor Among Thieves
Carpe Omnis Games

Kitsune: of Foxes and Fools
Diamond Dust Dreams, Inc.

Bad Decisions
Diamond Dust Dreams, Inc.

Hull Breach: In Defiance of Dictators
Clarion Game Studios, LLC

Triassic Terror
Eagle-Gryphon Games

The Great War
PSC Games

The Great War: French Army Expansion
PSC Games

Crafty Choices
Churchs Choice

Eagle-Gryphon Games

Cheeky Monkey
Eagle-Gryphon Games

Hero's Crossing
One Method Monkey LLC

Bin'Fa The Tao of War: Deluxe Edition

Odd Bird Games

Cherry Picked Games

Get Off My Land!
First Fish Games

Chara Games

Rampaging Jotunn
Lost Cog

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