This Week in IGA: November 13, 2019

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HOUSEBOY Board Game (3rd ed.)

Cheeky Dingo Games $493 of $15000 raised (3%) 8 days left

Arcade Inc (redux)

Orcs Unlimited $217 of $3000 raised (7%) 16 days left

Mr. Java

Viviludi $3039 of $28849 raised (10%) 22 days left

Goetia: Nine kings of Solomon

Demonic Games $4502 of $27293 raised (16%) 21 days left

Gods of Metal: The Chosen Back on Tour!

Christopher Brown $3413 of $17500 raised (19%) 6 days left

Vector Wars

Eli Mamane $2841 of $12980 raised (21%) 6 days left

Complicated Board Game the Card Game: Time 2 Play

offcut games $4203 of $17100 raised (24%) 27 days left

Explorers Of The Fantastic

Battlefield Press, Inc. $6943 of $25000 raised (27%) 13 days left

13 Monsters - a battle memory tabletop game!

Rens Willemsen $3105 of $11169 raised (27%) 37 days left

Global Crisis: The Game of Future Earth

C. Aaron Kreader $1829 of $5900 raised (31%) 25 days left

Ski Tour: Biathlon

Tea Time Productions $7880 of $18539 raised (42%) 29 days left


White Cherry Games $17178 of $40000 raised (42%) 29 days left

Per My Last Email

Brain Sandwich Games $6874 of $14000 raised (49%) 13 days left

Ancestree: A Postcard Game about Undesirable Family Trees

Two Silver Denarii, LLC $191 of $280 raised (68%) 1 days left

Shards: Worldbuilding Zine [Volume 2] - Christmas Delivery

Stephen Coffey $873 of $1277 raised (68%) 12 days left

Slasher - 80s horror movies card game

Jérôme Bodin $1731 of $2450 raised (70%) 11 days left


Andrew J. Smith $21939 of $27500 raised (79%) 1 days left

Montana: Goldrush & Longhorns (Heritage Edition Expansions)

Big Kid Games $20838 of $26000 raised (80%) 2 days left

The Beauty of Horror Tarot Card Set

IDW Games $13075 of $15000 raised (87%) 1 days left

Rare Roses

Rocky Heckman $3895 of $4454 raised (87%) 20 days left

RONE: Complete edition & RONE: Last Stand expansion

Štěpán Štefaník $16457 of $16546 raised (99%) 1 days left

Seven Bridges - A Stroll & Write Board Game

Puzzling Pixel Games $15468 of $12000 raised (128%) 9 days left

Don't Let It Die - The Prehistoric Coop Survival Game

Dustin Hendrickson $8954 of $6000 raised (149%) 8 days left

Hey Cutie : The Tabletop Dating Sim

Brian Sowers $5009 of $3000 raised (166%) 17 days left

Loot of Lima

Chad DeShon $17821 of $10000 raised (178%) 29 days left


studio trojan $1027 of $551 raised (186%) 27 days left

The Shores of Tripoli

Fort Circle $33932 of $15000 raised (226%) 8 days left

Tungaru - A Euro game designed by Louis & Stefan Malz

Caezar and Kuly from Alley Cat Games $43139 of $12290 raised (351%) 15 days left

Sub Terra II: Inferno's Edge

Inside the Box Board Games $323504 of $80177 raised (403%) LAST DAY!

Scott Pilgrim Miniatures the World - Relaunch!

Renegade Game Studios $146680 of $25000 raised (586%) 6 days left

Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness

Creative Games Studio $325763 of $50000 raised (651%) 15 days left

The Zorro Dice Game

Overworld Games $36373 of $5000 raised (727%) 3 days left

The Wishing Sigil

Doug Levandowski $880 of $100 raised (880%) 13 days left

3D printed storage solution for Tapestry

Gozer Games $1723 of $100 raised (1723%) 6 days left

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New & Restocked in the Store

AdVenture Capitalist The Card Game
OOMM Games

AFFLICTION: Salem 1692
DPH Games Inc.

Bad Medicine: Second Opinion
Formal Ferret Games

Battle Blakes
Cohio Games

9th Level Games

Beasties and Bygones: A Parody RPG
Critical Hit Media

Boss Monster: Tools of Hero-Kind
Brotherwise Games

Brass Empire
Rock Manor Games

Brass Empire: New Canton
Rock Manor Games

Call to Adventure
Brotherwise Games

Cat Rescue
Sunrise Tornado Game Studio

Con Carrier
Everything Epic

Daemon Dice
SFR, Inc.

Deck Box Dungeons
Ariah Studios

Galaxy Incorporated RPG
Drunken Dwarf Designs

Halfsies Dice: Spider-Dice
Gate Keeper Games & Dice

Heroes of History: Iron Phalanx vs. Dragon Raiders
Bradan's World

Heroes of History: Midnight Riders vs. Heroes of the Plains
Bradan's World

XYZ Game Labs

Fisher Heaton Games LLC

Smirk & Laughter Games

Before There Were Stars...
Smirk & Laughter Games

Big Russ's Big Book of Bugs
Orcs Unlimited

No Honor Among Thieves
Carpe Omnis Games

Toresh Games

ROLL for Your Life, Candyman!
Smirk & Dagger Games

Roll Player: Monsters & Minions
Thunderworks Games

Sailing Toward Osiris
Daily Magic Games

Sailing Toward Osiris: Governors & Envoys
Daily Magic Games

Salem 1692
Facade Games

Schrödinger's Cats
9th Level Games

Scream Or Die
Amber Palace Games LLC

Zafty Games

Star Realms: Frontiers
White Wizard Games

The Abandons
Puzzling Pixel Games

The Floor is Lava: The Card Game
Orcs Unlimited

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