This Week in IGA: September 4, 2019

Now Crowdfunding

YOU: SUPERPOWERED - A Social Deduction Party Game

Neon Mu Games $396 of $10000 raised (3%) 29 days left

WARLINE: Tactical Fantasy Battles

Justin D Leingang $6070 of $41490 raised (14%) 22 days left

Paragon: Trials of the Chosen

Midwinter Mages $3942 of $15600 raised (25%) 13 days left

Rare Roses Board Game

Rocky Heckman $5379 of $13483 raised (39%) 13 days left

Evil Dead 2 The Board Game

Jasco Games $78465 of $195000 raised (40%) 9 days left

Break Kickstarter: T.B.D.

Water Bear Games (Marcus R.) $4840 of $9999 raised (48%) 10 days left

Catacombs Cubes

Elzra Games $27019 of $51056 raised (52%) 1 days left


Dan Ackerman $11417 of $10000 raised (114%) LAST DAY!

Virtue Symbol 8-Sided (D8) Engraved Polymer Dice $1374 of $1000 raised (137%) 4 days left


CardLords $7739 of $5000 raised (154%) 16 days left

Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels

Panda Cult Games $135809 of $70000 raised (194%) 3 days left

Epic Jungle with Star Realms High Alert Add-Ons

Robert Dougherty $114561 of $50000 raised (229%) 15 days left

Merchants Cove

Final Frontier Games $359314 of $40000 raised (898%) 7 days left

Break Kickstarter - Bipolar Explorer

Steam Kitty Games Ltd. $616 of $30 raised (2053%) 8 days left

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New & Restocked in the Store

AdVenture Capitalist The Card Game
OOMM Games

Detective Club
Blue Orange Games

Blue Orange Games

Pappy Winchester
Blue Orange Games

Blue Orange Games

The Shared Dream
ODAM Publishing LLC

VENOM Assault
Spyglass Games

Smirk & Laughter Games

Thunderworks Games

Sailing Toward Osiris
Daily Magic Games

AFFLICTION: Salem 1692
DPH Games Inc.

CATS: A Sad But Necessary Cycle of Violent Predatory Behavior
DPH Games Inc.

The Towers of Arkhanos
IDW Games

IDW Games

Pixel Glory
Zafty Games

Zafty Games

Elemental Conflux
Pointy Hat Games, LLC

Call to Adventure
Brotherwise Games

Meeple Party
9th Level Games

Knuckle Sammich: A Kobolds Ate My Baby! Card Game
9th Level Games

Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught
Jason Anarchy Games

Drinking Quest: Liquor Before Honor
Jason Anarchy Games

Of War and Men: WWII
Netherhavyn Game Works

Salem 1692
Facade Games

Tortuga 1667
Facade Games

Deadwood 1876
Facade Games

Daily Magic Games

Familiar Games

Food Truck Champion
Daily Magic Games

10-Minute Heist
Daily Magic Games

Doublehead Kids
Studio Trojan

Catacombs (third edition)
Elzra Corp.

Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay
Panda Cult Games

TAU: A storytelling game where everyone dies happily ever after.
Sparks Games LLC

Death Wish
Zafty Games

Ruthless: Legends of the Black Flag
Alley Cat Games

Dice Hospital
Alley Cat Games

Brotherwise Games

KinSoul Studio

Toe Sham Bo
Zafty Games

Swords & Sails
VRGames / VR-Soft.Com LLC

Swords & Sails Coins 4 Player Pak
VRGames / VR-Soft.Com LLC

Swords & Sails Coins 7 Player Pak
VRGames / VR-Soft.Com LLC

Swords & Swords Coin Bag
VRGames / VR-Soft.Com LLC

Swords & Sails Kingdom Pack
VRGames / VR-Soft.Com LLC

Newfoundland Jam
Jason Anarchy Games

Wooly Whammoth
Smirk & Dagger Games

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Photo of the Month

Game: Clank!
Publisher: Renegade Game Studios
Photo by Brian M. (#3041)

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