This Week in IGA: June 19, 2019

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Mixed Company: A Conversationally Engaging Card Game

Mixed Company Games $1535 of $5000 raised (30%) 20 days left

Omicron Protocol

Dead Alive Games $24799 of $60000 raised (41%) 1 days left

Bellum: of Mutants and Men

Van Hammock Games llc. $4511 of $10000 raised (45%) 14 days left

Venture Capital - a 15 minute bidding game

Sixpence Games $576 of $500 raised (115%) 1 days left

Two Robots, an original sci-fi game

Two Robots $14827 of $5000 raised (296%) 20 days left

The Refuge: Terror from the Deep

B & B Games Studio $59431 of $14000 raised (424%) 8 days left

Battlestations: Dirtside!

Jeff Siadek $125039 of $28000 raised (446%) 8 days left

Royalty Halfsies Dice - For the Rich and Famous

John Wrot! $9283 of $1979 raised (469%) 2 days left

Iron Clays & Spades

Gavan Brown of Roxley Games $415822 of $59127 raised (703%) 1 days left

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Heroes of Tersia
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Dice Tower Con
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Jul 3 - Jul 7, 2019

Southern Fried Gaming Expo
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Jul 12 - Jul 14, 2019

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Aug 16 - Aug 18, 2019

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Nov 15 - Nov 17, 2019

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Vinyl: Totally Awesome 80's
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Vinyl: British Invasion
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Vinyl: Masters of Metal
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Vinyl: Top Shelf
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Smoking Aces
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Vinyl: Publisher expansion
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Supreme Leader
Card Culture

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball
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Fantasy Fantasy Football
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Junk In My Trunk
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Gridstones: Night Sky
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House of Borgia
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