This Week in IGA: April 17, 2019

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IGA adds new benefit for its entire community with TicketsAtWork

IGA’s pleased to unveil, for the first time, a benefit partnership that impacts all members of our community – designers and publishers, minions, conventions and retailers, freelancers, and more. We’ve partnered up with TicketsAtWork to offer all of our community members some fantastic deals on — well, fun!

TicketsAtWork is most famous for its discounts on admission to theme parks and attractions and tickets to everything from movies to Broadway shows, concerts and sporting events – and don’t get us wrong, it’s pretty awesome for that! But in addition, TicketsAtWork can save you big on hotels and rental cars, which we hope will be a huge help to members and Minions traveling to conventions. You can also score discounts on things like AAA memberships, Sams Club memberships, and even new and used cars.

If you have an account, you’re eligible for this benefit. If you’re a member publisher, retailer, distributor, partner or convention, you may extend this benefit to your employees and/or volunteers as an additional perk of employment. It’s open to IGA Minions and freelancers, too — we strongly recommend that Minions not book hotel stays for conventions without checking it out. Signing up for an account costs you nothing; there’s no buy in or setup fee.

To get started, simply to go and create an account. When prompted for a company code, enter IGAFUN and check out the ridiculous deals. It’s that simple. You can save an extra $10 off your first ticket or hotel purchase with the promo code 10Welcome at checkout. If you need help, they’ve got a call center that’s open pretty much around the clock.

Matt’s been a TicketsAtWork member for 13 years, and he’s super excited for IGA to have grown large enough to be eligible to sign up and bring this benefit to you all!

More details can be found here.

New Partnerships

Tickets at Work

Tickets at Work offers exclusive discounts, special offers and access to preferred seating and tickets to top attractions, theme parks, shows, sporting events, movie tickets, hotels and much more.

IGA members, Minions, freelancers, retailers and distributors and their employees may access to save up to 50% on hotels and rental cars, theme park tickets, show and concert tickets, sporting event tickets, AAA membership, and quite a bit more. Create an account and browse to see what's available!

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Don't Flip a Ninja

Carl Salminen $303 of $1700 raised (17%) 19 days left

SUMMONED The Devil Inside Edition

Liz Marr $962 of $5000 raised (19%) 13 days left

OverBattle: The All War

Syther Gaming $17490 of $75000 raised (23%) 2 days left

Promenade - The Game of Impressionist Art

Ta-Te Wu $5123 of $18000 raised (28%) 25 days left

A Note for Murder

Puzzling Pixel Games $2404 of $7270 raised (33%) 15 days left

VENOM Assault: Villains & Valor

SpyGlass Games $12059 of $25000 raised (48%) 14 days left

The Old Hellfire Club

Old Hellfire Games $3666 of $6859 raised (53%) 19 days left

Buy It Or Dont: Pitch Your Terrible Ideas

Adam Buccafusco $3810 of $5000 raised (76%) 12 days left

Tokyo Rose: Zero Hour- a graphic novel of treason & intrigue

Andre Frattino $5823 of $7500 raised (77%) 15 days left


SB Games AS $20433 of $19370 raised (105%) 1 days left


Rookie Mage Games $8624 of $8000 raised (107%) 8 days left


Grasswatch Games $5517 of $5000 raised (110%) 23 days left

Alien 51: El Ascensor

Venatus Ediciones $6088 of $5306 raised (114%) 25 days left

Zombies!!!: Sin City (tentative name)

Twilight Creations, Inc. $12909 of $10000 raised (129%) 9 days left

Volleyball High - Road to the Nationals

Medieval Lords $7279 of $5531 raised (131%) 7 days left

PLUNDERBUND, the Back Alley Business Board Game

HutChu Games $33630 of $25000 raised (134%) 3 days left

Tali - Roman Knucklebones, Metal Coins, and 2 Games in One

Jason R. Williams $5249 of $3500 raised (149%) 2 days left

Ignite - Tabletop Miniatures Boardgame

Ginger Snap Gaming $152525 of $100000 raised (152%) 15 days left

Maximum Apocalypse: Legendary Edition with Miniatures

Mike Gnade $67009 of $42500 raised (157%) 15 days left

Little Diablo

Little Diablo $6955 of $4000 raised (173%) 15 days left

Sideshow Swap!

Cannonball Arcade, LLC $9742 of $5000 raised (194%) 15 days left

Freshwater Fly: A Strategic Fly Fishing Game

Dennis Hoyle $60742 of $24000 raised (253%) 8 days left

Soul Puzzler Turbo: Pocket Edition - 2 Player Puzzle Game

Richard Still $1612 of $500 raised (322%) 5 days left

VERTIUM - Signed Edition

Caper Games $1225 of $375 raised (326%) 15 days left

Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs

Russ Charles $90801 of $26187 raised (346%) 14 days left

Monumentum! Two Ways to Win--Points or Honor!

Joe Magic Games $830 of $39 raised (2128%) 15 days left

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