This Week in IGA: February 13, 2019

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IGA selected as Organized Play Provider for Dice Throne

We’re thrilled to announce that IGA member Roxley Game Laboratory has chosen IGA to run its new Organized Play Program for its smash-hit title, Dice Throne!

Roxley has merged its existing Diceroy corps with the IGA Minion team. Minions may join the ranks of the Diceroys by signing up with Roxley at Existing Diceroys will need to sign up for the Minion program on Diceroys are required to join the Roxley Discord server.

Minions that participate in the Diceroy program will be eligible for great swag for running Dice Throne tournaments at their local conventions and game stores. Of course, Diceroys joining the Minion program are eligible to demo not just Dice Throne, but any of our other 1100+ member publishers’ games.

As a result of this merger, In the past week, IGA’s demo force has grown in size by over 6%, with 43 new Minions signing up, and we’re now just shy of 800 volunteers worldwide. This is the sort of impact that happens when IGA members take the time to drive their fans to the demo program — remember, a larger team means more demos for everyone!

Roxley is the first of hopefully many members to take advantage of IGA for organized play. If you are a member interested in implementing organized play through IGA, please contact Matt at to discuss.

IGA’s Minion Manual is Live!

One of the longest-requested features of the IGA site is live at long last. IGA now has a comprehensive Minion Manual! Minions and potential Minions can browse this living reference to learn or refresh themselves on such topics as:

  • Filing a demo report
  • Policies for demos
  • Caring for your game library
  • Learning about options available to our members
  • How to get credit for referring new Minions
  • Public Minion profiles and Achievements
  • Collecting demo surveys
  • Volunteering at conventions, including hotel and badge allocations
  • Running special events like publisher speed dating, Tabletop Day, and Extra Life
  • Our playtesting program
  • Account management
  • Minion code of conduct

… and more! Particularly observant Minions might find a way to earn a new achievement as well.

Minions should consider all policies in this guide to be in force, and that you are responsible for upholding all policies and procedures described within.

IGA would like to extend a huge thanks to Minion Kurt Winkler, who wrote 90% of this guide over the last few weeks and brought a project that has been on the to-do list for 57 months to completion in just a matter of weeks. Thanks for all you do, Kurt!

Designer / Publisher Member Manual Coming Soon!

Members, don’t fret!

Matt and Kurt are working on a manual for you next!

The Member Manual will include details on how to use every nook and cranny of the IGA website and service offerings to maximize the value we deliver to you for your subscription and take your game to the next level. Look for the Member Manual in early March!

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