This Week in IGA: February 6, 2019

New Partnerships

Strom Manufacturing Inc.

23 years Specializing in tabletop game production. - Gloomhaven, Vast, and Root are just a few titles we have produced. See our website for more detail.

No set up or cutting die charges
No charge for white sample and Epson proofs ( including shipping ! )
No charge project consultation to determine best materials and manufacturing methods
5% discount at all quantities

Now Crowdfunding

Duels of Cartisora — 2 Players, 6 Warriors and 15 Games

Richard MacRae $1124 of $9081 raised (12%) 32 days left


One Day West Games $1270 of $10000 raised (12%) 27 days left

Beyond The Wall

Twilight Creations, Inc. $5961 of $20000 raised (29%) 23 days left

The Awakened: Isle of Bones

Kevin Glusing $597 of $1320 raised (45%) 23 days left

Harrowings From The Rime!

Drew Cochran $241 of $500 raised (48%) 25 days left

Overlords of Infamy: Misery Loves Company!

Obscure Reference Games $22916 of $35000 raised (65%) 16 days left

Head Chef - The tabletop card game of food, fame and fun!

Peter Cricchiola $3612 of $4995 raised (72%) 15 days left


Daily Magic Games $7576 of $10000 raised (75%) 9 days left


Alcyon Creative - LudiBooster $6294 of $8000 raised (78%) 21 days left

Shadow Tactics - the Board Game

Antler Games $60071 of $45904 raised (130%) 7 days left

Lex Draconis - Be The Dragon

Raymond $1704 of $1000 raised (170%) 5 days left

Ore: The Mining Game

QSF Games - Patrick Havert $18074 of $10000 raised (180%) 15 days left

1001 Odysseys

Chris Cieslik $90692 of $50000 raised (181%) 22 days left

Shake Up - The Reverse Deck-building Office Card Game

Medieval Lords $12638 of $6289 raised (200%) 14 days left

Mephisto: The Card Game

Dylan Mangini $8226 of $4000 raised (205%) 8 days left

Pulp Detective Expansion 2: Henchmen, Gun Molls and Traps

AV Studio Games - LudiBooster $14642 of $6500 raised (225%) 22 days left

Dead Man's Cabal

Pandasaurus Games $37686 of $15000 raised (251%) 9 days left

'The City' by Tom Lehmann, in English for the first time!

Gryphon and Eagle Games $26917 of $10000 raised (269%) 9 days left

Terror Below

Renegade Game Studios $28563 of $10000 raised (285%) 21 days left

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures City Fall

IDW Games $572021 of $200000 raised (286%) 2 days left


Inside the Box Board Games $23596 of $6298 raised (374%) 6 days left

Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game

GreaterThanGames $192536 of $50000 raised (385%) 16 days left

Pixel Glory - Pets Expansion! Pay What You Want

Frank Alberts $3986 of $1000 raised (398%) 22 days left

Yokohama Duel - Deluxified™ Edition

Michael Mindes $145809 of $30000 raised (486%) 16 days left

Kepler Run | Make 100

Unpossible Game Labs $3030 of $500 raised (606%) 21 days left

Tangled Timelines

Daniel Zayas $16613 of $1000 raised (1661%) 2 days left

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New & Restocked in the Store

ROLL for Your Life, Candyman!
Smirk & Dagger Games

Tower of Madness
Smirk & Dagger Games

Zombie apocalypse the musical
Orcs Unlimited

SteamPunk Arena
Noble Games

Hex Hex XL
Smirk & Dagger Games

Before There Were Stars...
Smirk & Laughter Games

Quartermaster General: The Cold War
PSC Games

The Great War
PSC Games

The Great War: French Army Expansion
PSC Games

Dice Throne: Season One
Roxley Games

Battle of Souls - Extensible Card Game
No Limit Games, Inc.

Specters of Nevermore
Smirk & Dagger Games

Odd Bird Games

Kingdomino: Age of Giants
Blue Orange Games

Blue Lagoon
Blue Orange Games

Blue Orange Games

Blue Orange Games

Blue Orange Games

Misty Ruins
Joe Magic Games

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Rise of Tribes
Game: Rise of Tribes
Publisher: Breaking Games
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