This Week in IGA: January 23, 2019

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The Golden Sails

Seth Hiatt $1240 of $5000 raised (24%) 17 days left

FAT STACKS: The Pancake Stacking Strategy Card Game

Candy Coded Games $7773 of $10000 raised (77%) 11 days left

Ore: The Mining Game

QSF Games - Patrick Havert $8818 of $10000 raised (88%) 29 days left

Born to Serve - A Superpowered Game of Table Service

Shoot Again Games $5201 of $5000 raised (104%) 8 days left

Shadow Tactics - the Board Game

Antler Games $49238 of $45904 raised (107%) 21 days left

Lex Draconis - Be The Dragon

Raymond $1089 of $1000 raised (108%) 19 days left

Destination Danger by Guardian Moon Games

Jeff Rosenbaugh $5862 of $4000 raised (146%) 13 days left

Mephisto: The Card Game

Dylan Mangini $5998 of $4000 raised (149%) 22 days left

Coral Islands : 2 interactive dice-stacking games in 1 box!

Caezar and Kuly from Alley Cat Games $14500 of $8384 raised (172%) 13 days left

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures City Fall

IDW Games $416736 of $200000 raised (208%) 16 days left

New Salem 2nd Edition

Overworld Games $45367 of $18000 raised (252%) 8 days left


Inside the Box Board Games $17771 of $6298 raised (282%) 20 days left

Animal Kingdoms - An award-winning game of area control!

Galactic Raptor Games $26517 of $9300 raised (285%) 9 days left


Penguin & Panda Productions $157201 of $30000 raised (524%) 5 days left

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Cherry Picked Games

Cherry Picked Games

Cherry Picked Games

The Floor is Lava: The Card Game
Orcs Unlimited

Don't fall in the Mead Hall
Viking Nerds

Skál Cards
Viking Nerds

Feudum Big Box
Odd Bird Games

SagaBorn Roleplaying Game (Alternate Cover)
Lone Wanderer Entertainment

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Rise of Tribes
Game: Rise of Tribes
Publisher: Breaking Games
Photo by Sherri H. (#1351)

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