This Week in IGA: January 9, 2019

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Born to Serve - A Superpowered Game of Table Service

Shoot Again Games $3154 of $5000 raised (63%) 22 days left

New Salem 2nd Edition

Overworld Games $20007 of $18000 raised (111%) 22 days left

Animal Kingdoms - An award-winning game of area control!

Galactic Raptor Games $10851 of $9300 raised (116%) 23 days left

Thumb Chess-A take anywhere & play anywhere game! w/Make 100

Project Danger $157 of $100 raised (157%) 8 days left

Fences: A Tile Laying-Game

Adam Collins (Bearded Board Games) $10272 of $5000 raised (205%) 6 days left

Vital Lacerda's Railways of Portugal, an ROTW expansion

Eagle Games $34464 of $10000 raised (344%) 11 days left


Penguin & Panda Productions $106092 of $30000 raised (353%) 19 days left


Vesuvius Media Ltd $57560 of $10000 raised (575%) 6 days left

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Rise of Tribes
Breaking Games

SagaBorn Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook
Lone Wanderer Entertainment

SagaBorn Creature Compendium
Lone Wanderer Entertainment

Maki Stack
Blue Orange Games

CATS: asbncovpb
DPH Games Inc.

Mint Delivery
Five24 Labs

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Rise of Tribes
Game: Rise of Tribes
Publisher: Breaking Games
Photo by Sherri H. (#1351)

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