This Week in IGA: January 2, 2019

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Happy New Year from IGA!

Welcome to 2019, everybody! We hope 2018 was your most successful gaming year ever, and that 2019 tops it!

IGA has some really big plans and announcements coming for the new year, so stay tuned to our weekly newsletter, Facebook groups and Discord server. We are wrapping up the launch of our consolidation service and getting ready to start talking about Pharos, the most ambitious project we have ever undertaken. We are going to introduce you to some new team members and roll out some quality of life improvements for members and Minions alike.

Buckle up everybody! It’s gonna be a busy year!

– Matt and Victoria


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Dized: The Best Way To Learn Board Games

Dized $60145 of $75000 raised (80%) 1 days left

House Rules | An Absurd Party Game

Eric Williams $5898 of $5000 raised (117%) LAST DAY!

The Final Flicktier (Relaunch)

Gabe Barrett $14493 of $10000 raised (144%) 2 days left

Fences: A Tile Laying-Game

Adam Collins (Bearded Board Games) $8436 of $5000 raised (168%) 13 days left


Vesuvius Media Ltd $30187 of $10000 raised (301%) 13 days left

☕️ Chai—An Immersive Tea Board Game!

Dan & Connie Kazmaier $77671 of $25000 raised (310%) 5 days left

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Animal Upon Animal
Game: Animal Upon Animal
Publisher: HABA USA
Photo by Melissa J. (#2724)

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