This Week in IGA: December 5, 2018

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Minions: You Can Now Add Your Own Conventions to Demo Reports

Hey, Minions – good news, I *finally* got the Vagabond convention editor up and running. You can now add conventions when you create your Demo Reports, although we strongly recommend you do so ahead of time (like, as soon as you get your badges) so we can list the shows in the Upcoming Convention Appearances on the site index.

To add a convention: We’ve extended the usual deadline for adding demo reports to account for the fact that people have been waiting for this to be done. Sorry it took so long. As always please let me know if you encounter any issues, and thanks for your patience.

Important Change Regarding Automatic Tabletopia Demo Reporting

Hey, everybody! Good news and bad news. The good news: I finally figured out why Tabletopia automatic reports failed sometimes, and fixed it! The bad news: everybody who wants to use automatic reporting will need to re-enter their Tabletopia player URL on your minion profile at Sorry about that.

Basically, I was under the impression that Tabletopia used your Steam username as your Tabletopia username — turns out, that’s true sometimes, but not always. That led to issues where some users where not getting their reports filed; in some cases this was causing an error because Tabletopia user URLs don’t support special characters and spaces. Fortunately, Tabletopia’s development team got me straightened out, and we should be good to go now.

I’ve decided to retain the existing Steam username field as-is, because we may need that at some point for Tabletop Simulator integration. I didn’t want to copy-paste the Steam usernames into the Tabletopia field, because some of them won’t work for the reasons described above, so I’ve left the field blank for Minions to re-populate with accurate data.

Sorry about that!

IGA Pro Members Now Save 5-10% on Prototypes at Print and Play

Let’s start off our week with an exciting announcement! We’ve partnered with Print & Play Admagic to bring IGA members up to 10% off on all prototyping! Remember, Print & Play is famous for their 48-hour turnaround time on prototypes and promo cards, and now, IGA Pro members save big! Save 5% off ALL orders, no matter how large or small. Plus, if your order is over $200, save an EXTRA 5%, or 10% total!

Get all the details and reach out to the P&P team at Time to get prototyping, Team IGA!

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SUMMONED The Devil Inside

Liz Marr $687 of $10000 raised (6%) 7 days left

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Beasts: Edge of Extinction

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The Vagabond’s Cyclopedia: an OSR + PbtA Supplement

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The Final Flicktier (Relaunch)

Gabe Barrett $8641 of $10000 raised (86%) 30 days left

Hunt Master

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Lay Waste Games LLC $22728 of $20000 raised (113%) 8 days left

How Game Are You?™ Couples Intimacy Edition

Bradley Field $6509 of $5419 raised (120%) 1 days left

The Stocking Stuffer Collection: Microgames for the Holidays

Chris Amburn $742 of $550 raised (134%) 2 days left

QE: An auction board game with unlimited money.

Chad DeShon $35705 of $20000 raised (178%) 8 days left

Taco Ninja Adventure

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INTELLE: Firewall - A Solo Expansion

David Abelson - Fisher Heaton Games $2417 of $1200 raised (201%) 7 days left

Uninvited Guests: a D&D 5E and Pathfinder Social Adventure

Darklight Interactive $438 of $200 raised (219%) 13 days left

Paladin Card Protectors: Season 3

NSKN Games $54874 of $20000 raised (274%) 16 days left

Gaming with Edo - Season 5

Eduardo Baraf $1132 of $250 raised (452%) 9 days left

Canitaurs & Felitaurs: Miniatures and Cards Set for DnD 5E

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Arch Villain - $35 Plus Free Bonus Game!

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