This Week in IGA: September 12, 2018

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Tempus™ - A Retro Style Card Game

Phil Frisch $500 of $15000 raised (3%) 43 days left


Zack Ringler (Games by a Madman or Two) $176 of $5000 raised (3%) 27 days left

Drunken Tavern Adventures

Orc's of War Games $1270 of $19511 raised (6%) 18 days left

What's For Dinner? palate-cleanser card game, Bacon INCLUDED

A La Carte Games $3517 of $7500 raised (46%) 15 days left

Stupid Users: BETA

Dent Ventures, LLC $5335 of $10000 raised (53%) 24 days left

Channel A: Alpha Genesis Edition

Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions $8836 of $15000 raised (58%) 8 days left

Tavern Masters: Dockside Expansion (and Soundtrack)

Dann Kriss $8836 of $15000 raised (58%) 19 days left

The Partisans: An Extra Politics/Extra Credits Game.

Luke Peterschmidt $37220 of $40000 raised (93%) 9 days left

No Escape!

OOMM Games $8167 of $7748 raised (105%) 15 days left

Gamma Grunts: A Deck Smash Game

HipLein Industries $10723 of $10000 raised (107%) 1 days left

MANIACAL - A Game of Evildoing for 2-5 Supervillains!

Eagle Games $27926 of $25000 raised (111%) 2 days left

Sword of the Stars: Control!

Kerberos Productions $5316 of $3824 raised (139%) 4 days left

Reality Shard, Supernova, & Neutron RPG Dice Sets

John Wrot! $25239 of $15000 raised (168%) 27 days left

Thieves Den

Daily Magic Games $36334 of $20000 raised (181%) 6 days left

Infinities: Defiance of Fate - A 4x-lite Game

Vatal Entertainment Studio $46108 of $19000 raised (242%) 7 days left

Welterweights: A Card-Programming Boxing Game for 2 Players

Spontaneously Combustible Games $4640 of $1500 raised (309%) 5 days left

GameChanger - Game Tables and Table Toppers

Wood Robot $113774 of $35000 raised (325%) 33 days left

Microbrew: a full-sized board game in a tiny tin

One Free Elephant $39970 of $10406 raised (384%) 19 days left

Midnight Legion: Portal of Life

C. Aaron Kreader $13413 of $2000 raised (670%) 6 days left

Vertium & Get Adler!

Caper Games $3185 of $383 raised (831%) 1 days left

The Jasper: A Board Gaming Table

Chad DeShon $527798 of $50000 raised (1055%) 29 days left

Unstable Unicorns: Control & Chaos (The Backercorn Project)

Ramy Badie $1542921 of $50000 raised (3085%) 2 days left

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Pinball Showdown
Shoot Again Games

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RONE (Second edition)

NSKN Games

Showdown! The Samurai Card Game
New Experience Workshop


The Hackers Guild
Games By Ray LLC

The Networks
Formal Ferret Games

Brotherwise Games

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King of the Dice
Game: King of the Dice
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Photo by Toby P. (#2802)

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