This Week in IGA: April 25, 2018

Now Crowdfunding

RANKaree: a casual Living Starship card game

Cheeky Dingo Games $325 of $5000 raised (6%) 1 days left

The Citadel Dice Tower - by Card Caddy

Chris Nichols $3085 of $36000 raised (8%) 25 days left

Dungeon Brawl - A Customizable, Free-For-All, RPG boardgame

Tableflip Games $1378 of $14000 raised (9%) 4 days left

MOONSHOT - Limited Edition Space Racing Game for 3-5 Players

David Abelson - Fisher Heaton Games $1226 of $10300 raised (11%) 25 days left

Kicking Class

RAAM Games $2419 of $15000 raised (16%) 29 days left

On Their Merry Way Board Game

Chris Amburn $3637 of $17000 raised (21%) 8 days left

Cthulhu: The Great Old One (Deluxe Edition)

Dann Kriss $4359 of $20000 raised (21%) 5 days left

No Escape

OOMM Games $3603 of $15861 raised (22%) 22 days left

Stick Figure Fighters

Chris Cummings $775 of $3200 raised (24%) 7 days left

Saber & Blood

Kazrak Studio $14612 of $41166 raised (35%) 24 days left

Dual Powers: Revolution 1917 - A Board Game for 1-2 Players

Keith Matejka $17875 of $30000 raised (59%) 13 days left

The Pirate's Flag - A Capture the Flag Board Game

CardLords $11355 of $15000 raised (75%) 22 days left

Homesteaders + All New Expansion

Michael Mindes $30912 of $40000 raised (77%) 16 days left

Swords & Sails, Rewrite History in 1000 AD

Jason R. Williams $22308 of $20000 raised (111%) 3 days left

Churrascaria: A Cutthroat Game of Gluttony Relaunch

Absurdist Productions $8038 of $6000 raised (133%) 8 days left

40 Thieves - tabletop games - 40 voleurs

JackBro Playful Creation $29682 of $15545 raised (190%) 1 days left

The Gate of R'lyeh

DPH Games Inc $10614 of $5000 raised (212%) 4 days left

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game

Jasco Games $1171048 of $400000 raised (292%) 9 days left

Villages of Valeria: Landmarks

Daily Magic Games $51450 of $15000 raised (343%) 23 days left

Super Chibi Round 4

MidKnight Heroes $3759 of $900 raised (417%) 2 days left

Fleet: The Dice Game

Eagle Games $35658 of $7500 raised (475%) 9 days left


Joey Vigour $60899 of $8000 raised (761%) 15 days left

CRISIS: The New Economy

LudiCreations $91444 of $10000 raised (914%) 4 days left

Arena: the Contest - Tabletop Miniatures Board Game

Dragori Games $571335 of $50000 raised (1142%) 1 days left

Maximum Apocalypse: Gothic Horrors Expansion

Mike Gnade $206410 of $14000 raised (1474%) 1 days left

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New & Restocked in the Store

3 Seeds: Reap Where You Sow
Chara Games

All Hands on Deck!
Salamander Games

Eagle-Gryphon Games

Attack! Deluxe
Eagle-Gryphon Games

Blue Orange Games

Athlas: Duel for Divinity
Golden Egg Games

Alkemia: Destiny's Recipe
KinSoul Studio

Affliction: Salem 1692 Tactics Add-On
DPH Games Inc.

Bad Decisions
Diamond Dust Dreams, Inc.

Battle Blakes
Cohio Games

Battle of Durak
Disruptive, Inc.

Beasties and Bygones: A Parody RPG
Critical Hit Media

Boss Monster 2: The Next Level
Brotherwise Games

Brass Empire
Rock Manor Games

5th Dimension Games

Boss Monster: Crash Landing
Brotherwise Games

Boss Monster: Implements of Destruction
Brotherwise Games

Boss Monster: Tools of Hero-Kind
Brotherwise Games

Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game
Brotherwise Games

Cat Rescue
Sunrise Tornado Game Studio

Cheap Shot
Gut Bustin' Games

City Council
Golden Egg Games

Collectors and Capers
Blue Heron Entertainment LLC

Chara Games

Con Carrier
Everything Epic

Conquest of Orion
Escape Velocity Games

Shoot Again Games

Cthulhu: The Great Old One
Dann Kriss Games

Cul-De-Sac Conquest
Atheris Games LLC

Dice Bazaar
Disruptive, Inc.

Cherry Picked Games

Cheeky Monkey
Eagle-Gryphon Games

Crafty Choices
Churchs Choice

Chaos of Cthulhu
Imp House

Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game

Circuit Breaker
Freshwater Game Company

Front Line No Komrades
Anvil 8 Games LLC

Booze Barons
Overworld Games

Overworld Games

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball
CSE Games

Fill The Barn
HoopCAT Games

Flea Marketeers
Gut Bustin' Games

Foodtown Throwdown
Argyle Games

Galatune, LLC

Dr. Microbe
Blue Orange Games

Kind Fortress

Cthulhu: Elder Sign Bicycle Card Deck
Dann Kriss Games

Cthulhu: Necronomicon Bicycle Card Deck
Dann Kriss Games

Cthulhu: Rlyeh Rising Bicycle Card Deck
Dann Kriss Games

Cthulhu: Unnamable Horrors Bicycle Card Deck
Dann Kriss Games

Galaxy Incorporated RPG
Drunken Dwarf Designs

Get Off My Land!
First Fish Games

Big Kid Games

Gunfights & Gamblin'

HERO versus GUARDIAN: A Game of Dungeon Craft
Studio 9 Games

Golden Egg Games

Honey Wars
Gold Seal Games

Horrible Hex
Stone Circle Games

Fisher Heaton Games LLC

Island Dice
Casual Dragon Games

Just Survive The Game
Broken Archer

Kickin Your Ass!: Drunk Edition
Cravon Studios

Kickin Your Caterpillar
Cravon Studios

Kickin' Your Ass
Cravon Studios

Kitsune: of Foxes and Fools
Diamond Dust Dreams, Inc.

Knowledge the Game
The Toy Shark

Looting Atlantis
Shoot Again Games

MajiMonsters Core Rulebook
Late Knight Games LLC

Maximum Apocalypse
Rock Manor Games

Medieval Mastery
Chaos Publishing

Midnight Legion: Operation Deep Sleep
Studio 9 Games

Eagle-Gryphon Games

Gingerdead House
Zafty Games

In A Bind Junior 2015
Stuff By Bez

in A Bind
Stuff By Bez

Mystic Forces Second Edition - Complete Set
Noble Quests, LLC

Mystic Forces Second Edition
Noble Quests, LLC

Daily Magic Games

Mystic Tiger Games, LLC

The Majority: Complete Edition
Ninja Star Games

Murder Most Foul
Sixpence Games

Oh Gnome You Don't!
Gut Bustin' Games

Treesharp Games

One Free Elephant

Pinball Showdown
Shoot Again Games

Blue Orange Games

Psychological Warfare
DPH Games Inc.

Pyramid of the Sun
NSKN Games

Rampaging Jotunn
Lost Cog

Asmadi Games

Redneck Life
Gut Bustin' Games

Mars Needs Mechanics
Nevermore Games

Relic Expedition
Foxtrot Games

Overlords of Infamy
Obscure Reference Games

Francis Drake
Eagle-Gryphon Games

Run for your Life, Candyman!
Smirk & Dagger Games

San, Ni, Ichi
Ironmark Games

Secrets of the Lost Tomb
Everything Epic

NSKN Games

Shootin Ladders Frag Fest
Smirk & Dagger Games

Starving Artists
Fairway 3 Games, LLC

Castle Productions Studios

Super Fantasy: Ugly Snouts Assault
Golden Egg Games

Super Hack Override
Weird Giraffe Games

Terrene Odyssey
CGC Games

The Boss
Blue Orange Games

The Networks
Formal Ferret Games

Tortured Earth
Tortured Earth LLC

Trailer Park Wars
Gut Bustin' Games

Treasures and Traps
Studio 9 Games

Treasures and Traps: Expanded Realms 1
Studio 9 Games

Treasures and Traps: Expanded Realms 2
Studio 9 Games

Treasures and Traps: Random Encounters
Studio 9 Games

Triassic Terror
Eagle-Gryphon Games

Trick or Treat
Leder Games

Troll Bridge
Cravon Studios

Chara Games

Vast: The Fearsome Foes
Leder Games

VENOM Assault
Spyglass Games

Villagers and Villains
Studio 9 Games

Villagers and Villains: City Builder
Studio 9 Games

Monarchs, Minions, Mayhem!
Tri-Infinity Games

Holy Cheese Games

Secrets of the Lost Tomb: Atlantis – Mystery of the 13
Everything Epic

Underlings of Underwing
The Pericles Group, LLC

Vast: The Crystal Caverns
Leder Games

Vast: The Crystal Caverns Miniatures Expansion
Leder Games

Villagers and Villains: The Borderlands
Studio 9 Games

Wyatt Earp
Eagle-Gryphon Games

Blue Orange Games

Zombie Sheep
Casual Dragon Games

Brotherwise Games

Formal Ferret Games

Nightmare Forest: Udder Terror
SolarFlare Games

Archmage Origins
SolarFlare Games

The Lords of Rock
SolarFlare Games

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Game: Wordsy
Publisher: Formal Ferret Games
Photo by Sam F. (#2326)

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