This Week in IGA: February 21, 2018

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Fields of Agincourt: A Combative Tile Laying Board Game

Logos Games $5578 of $27650 raised (20%) 15 days left

War of Supremacy

Nathan Everett (Lost Treasure Games) $3277 of $9583 raised (34%) 29 days left

Loot N Shoot

Vile Genius Games $11935 of $25000 raised (47%) 8 days left

Roil: The Strategy Card Game

Two Silver Denarii, LLC $1686 of $2900 raised (58%) 14 days left

Yakronyms - A Party Game for All Ages

Company 11 $5849 of $10000 raised (58%) 29 days left

SCRAMBO - The Dice Game of Quick-Thinking Categories!

Avanti Games $5864 of $10000 raised (58%) 21 days left

Donning the Purple

Petter Schanke Olsen $8794 of $12867 raised (68%) 29 days left

Wibbell++ : 6 games exploring words, letters & language.

Behrooz 'Bez' Shahriari $4956 of $6776 raised (73%) 1 days left

Eternal Kings

Rolando Issa $16651 of $20000 raised (83%) 6 days left

The Big Score

A.J. Porfirio $14554 of $15000 raised (97%) 14 days left

PLANETOPIA: A deck and pattern building game for 2-5 players

Mangrove Games $10596 of $9885 raised (107%) 13 days left

Legendary Metal Coins Season 3

Drawlab $12615 of $10000 raised (126%) 22 days left

Cryptid Cuties: Enamel Pins of Fantastic Creatures & Beasts

Cryptid Cuties $3188 of $2465 raised (129%) 15 days left

Rambo: The Board Game

Everything Epic $84298 of $50000 raised (168%) 1 days left

Viceroy: Times of Darkness Expansion

Seth Hiatt $30386 of $10000 raised (303%) 9 days left

DCC RPG compatible adventure: Greenwood of the Fey Sovereign

C. Aaron Kreader $1915 of $500 raised (383%) 28 days left

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