This Week in IGA: January 17, 2018

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Monster Highway

One Day West Games $2617 of $12000 raised (21%) 25 days left

Supernatural Socks - A Tabletop Game About Lost Socks

Atheris Games $6696 of $10000 raised (66%) 14 days left

Status Report!

offcut games $12129 of $17000 raised (71%) 17 days left

Kung Pao Chicken - A Secret Identity Card Game

Ta-Te Wu $2258 of $1000 raised (225%) 1 days left

Masque of the Red Death

IDW Games $51161 of $15000 raised (341%) 9 days left

Spirits of the Forest

Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi $320812 of $24016 raised (1335%) 9 days left

Potato Pirates

Codomo $192516 of $1000 raised (19251%) 41 days left

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