This Week in IGA: September 6, 2017

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Member & Minion Support Closing 9/8 Due to Hurricane Irma

We’re closely monitoring the track of Hurricane Irma, which is presently forecast to impact the Orlando area on Sunday. As with all storms of this nature, we do not know what to expect in terms of power outages, etc. until the storm has passed. Therefore, we are preemptively closing all member and minion support effective Friday, September 8. We will reopen on Monday, September 10 if we are able to do so, and if not, we will do our best to get the word out about our status. We were already operating on limited availability due to our post-Gen Con vacation.

The data center that hosts is also in the path of the storm, however, it is a world-class facility that’s built to withstand these types of events, so we shouldn’t experience website downtime. In the event it happens, however, look to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates.

As with all major hurricanes, we strongly encourage anyone in the path of this storm to check your emergency plan and supplies and be prepared. The National Hurricane Center has rated Irma as the strongest Atlantic storm it has ever recorded. Stay safe, and play lots of board games — even if you have to do so by candlelight.

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Girrrawaa Games $384 of $5952 raised (6%) 23 days left

Superbeings Jumbo Card Game

Alienplay Games $1377 of $17500 raised (7%) 34 days left

Plunder! A thrilling game of pirates, treasures and sabotage

Wouter Buckens $976 of $9404 raised (10%) 32 days left

Survive the Night

Caleb Poduska $2206 of $18750 raised (11%) 26 days left

Castles & Dragons BOARD GAME

El Fenix Games $6188 of $32281 raised (19%) 25 days left


Biplane Games $6735 of $18500 raised (36%) 1 days left

Black Souls: The Game

Medieval Lords $6102 of $16205 raised (37%) 19 days left

Ancient Artifacts: a pen and paper dice game for 1-4 players

Derik Duley $5222 of $11000 raised (47%) 24 days left

Ogre Cheerleaders

Paw-Warrior Games $1976 of $3600 raised (54%) 8 days left

IDENTECO Core Rule Book

Humanoid Games $5015 of $8500 raised (59%) 22 days left

Showdown! the Samurai Card Game

Chris Amburn $2683 of $4000 raised (67%) 23 days left

Moonshine Run, a game by a Madman or Two

Zack Ringler (Games by a Madman or Two) $1453 of $2000 raised (72%) 15 days left

Wing It: The Game of Extreme Storytelling

Molly Zeff $7425 of $10000 raised (74%) 18 days left

Dized - Board Games Made Easy!

Dized $40130 of $50000 raised (80%) 21 days left

戦國 ZiPANG Portable: The Card Game

MADARA LLC $6597 of $8000 raised (82%) 16 days left

Modern Adventures Tabletop RPG

Raymond $1730 of $2000 raised (86%) 19 days left

The Networks: Executives

Gil Hova $46202 of $30000 raised (154%) 23 days left


Daily Magic Games $35505 of $20000 raised (177%) 16 days left


LudiCreations $54289 of $20000 raised (271%) 23 days left

The King's Guild

Mirror Box Games $69833 of $20000 raised (349%) 15 days left

Mint Delivery - The minty fresh pick up and deliver game

Five24 Labs $106164 of $10000 raised (1061%) 16 days left

Table of Ultimate Gaming: The Ultimate Game Table System

Wood Robot $574077 of $25000 raised (2296%) 22 days left

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