This Week in IGA: August 2, 2017

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Newsletters Moving to Wednesdays

Just a quick word here – we’re moving the newsletters to Wednesday mornings instead of Mondays. Sorry for sending two this week; that won’t happen going forward.

Our reasoning for this has to do with supporting member Kickstarters. Statistically, most Kickstarter campaigns for tabletop games launch on a Tuesday; indeed, we had six member campaigns launch yesterday. For any campaign that launches on a Tuesday and runs for 30 days (the default Kickstarter campaign length), it will end on a Thursday. Therefore, having the newsletter run on Wednesday will allow our members’ Kickstarters to be shared with our audience during both the campaign’s first 48 hours and its last 48 hours, both of which are critical windows. As it stands now, with a Monday newsletter and a Tuesday launch, we don’t get the word out until day 6 of the campaign, when the mid-campaign lull is already beginning.

Again, we apologize for the double newsletter this week, but we’re confident that this change will be worth the minor inconvenience. Thank you all for your patience, and good luck to all of our members whose campaigns are presently live!

Now Crowdfunding

Battle of Souls TCG

william Brevard $26 of $2000 raised (1%) 6 days left

Rank of Hands

The Quick Dealer LLC. $216 of $5500 raised (3%) 25 days left

Wicked Pacts

The Polyhedral Knights $194 of $2500 raised (7%) 29 days left

Head Chef - The tabletop card game of food, fame and fun!

Peter Cricchiola $1805 of $9486 raised (19%) 23 days left

ROBOT RISE! Embrace Your Inner Mad Scientist

Happy Harpy Games $2183 of $7800 raised (27%) 29 days left

Dawn of the Archmage

Dave Killingsworth $8734 of $30000 raised (29%) 28 days left

Total Recall: The Official Tabletop Game

Overworld Games $6405 of $20000 raised (32%) 29 days left

Cauldron: Bubble and Boil Board Game

anthrorob $4923 of $14700 raised (33%) 23 days left

Rolf - A party game for creatives, geeks and Nerdfighters

Robert Burke $10288 of $25000 raised (41%) 26 days left

Custom 3D printed accessories for Scythe

Gozer Games $1376 of $2500 raised (55%) 29 days left


Daily Magic Games $2935 of $5000 raised (58%) 9 days left

Argent: the Consortium - 2nd Ed.

David B. Talton Jr. $103253 of $100000 raised (103%) 25 days left

Firelight: The Questing Card Game - New Tabletop RPG

HobbyHorse Games, LLC $14946 of $11200 raised (133%) 8 days left

Spookre: A Hauntingly Fun Card Game

David Sheppard $6573 of $4000 raised (164%) 2 days left

Legendary Creatures

Eduardo Baraf $33498 of $20000 raised (167%) 1 days left

Burger Time: The Card Game

Oniichan Games $5031 of $3000 raised (167%) 12 days left

Diesel Demolition Derby

LudiCreations $18362 of $10000 raised (183%) 29 days left

Catacombs Conquest

Elzra Games $20473 of $7973 raised (256%) 2 days left

Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done - Deluxified™

Michael Mindes $255879 of $40000 raised (639%) 2 days left

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