This Week in IGA: July 31, 2017

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Push Your Game to the Forefront with New IGA Boosts

Introducing a new feature to help your games get to the front of the pack: IGA Boosts! Boosts are a great way to help promote a game even harder during peak periods, such as a Kickstarter launch, new expansion release, or during a PR blitz following an award win.

For a nominal fee, members can double the Loot Points earned by IGA Minions when they demo your game for a 30-day period beginning with a date you choose. Minions will receive emailed notifications in the IGA weekly newsletter of current and upcoming Boosts, and may also view current and upcoming Boosts on our website.

For more details about the process or to schedule a Boost, click the Schedule a Boost button at the top of any game profile in your Studio Game Catalog(note: You may only Boost a standalone game, not an expansion — to promote an expansion, Boost the base game instead.) 

Minions, you don’t have to do anything extra to claim your Boosted Loot Points – just file a demo report for the Boosted game during the Boost period.

IGA Policy Update: Store Refresh Periods

Greetings, members and Minions. We wanted to let you know about a change we’ve made to the way our IGA Reward Store gets new items, based on feedback we’ve had from Minions.

As member publishers sometimes give us very limited quantities of games, it can be something of a race for Minions to hit the store with a pile of Loot Points when a new game is made available. This limits options for Minions who aren’t online every day, and also leads to a sense of buyer’s remorse when a Minion clears out their Loot Points on a game, and the next day a game they wanted more appears on the store and sells out immediately.

To help alleviate this, we’re moving to a store refresh schedule, similar to what BoardGameGeek does on its promo store. We’ll be adding the new items to the store all at once, on the 5th of every month, so Minions can plan to browse the store then to see all the new stuff that’s come in for the previous month and make their selections.

Members will still be able to see the items in their My Inventory Items dashboard, so inventory control and transparency is not compromised in any way as a result of this change.

Please direct any questions to Victoria Hardman, who runs our store, at Thank you.

New Partnerships

Ningbo Eastar

Turnkey cardboard, plastic and wooden game manufacturing

5% off unit price after quoting.

Now on Kickstarter

Battle of Souls TCG

william Brevard $26 of $2000 raised (1%) 8 days left

Head Chef - The tabletop card game of food, fame and fun!

Peter Cricchiola $1777 of $9486 raised (18%) 25 days left

Cauldron: Bubble and Boil Board Game

anthrorob $4345 of $14700 raised (29%) 25 days left

Battle for the Universe - A Competitive Heroic Card Game

Jonny Hinkle $9311 of $25000 raised (37%) LAST DAY!


Daily Magic Games $2694 of $5000 raised (53%) 11 days left

Argent: the Consortium - 2nd Ed.

David B. Talton Jr. $100937 of $100000 raised (100%) 27 days left

Firelight: The Questing Card Game - New Tabletop RPG

HobbyHorse Games, LLC $14351 of $11200 raised (128%) 10 days left

Spookre: A Hauntingly Fun Card Game

David Sheppard $6234 of $4000 raised (155%) 4 days left

Legendary Creatures

Eduardo Baraf $32298 of $20000 raised (161%) 3 days left

Burger Time: The Card Game

Oniichan Games $4984 of $3000 raised (166%) 14 days left

Diesel Demolition Derby

LudiCreations $18237 of $10000 raised (182%) 30 days left

Catacombs Conquest

Elzra Games $18281 of $7973 raised (229%) 4 days left

Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done - Deluxified™

Michael Mindes $238685 of $40000 raised (596%) 4 days left

Did You Know?

IGA is proud to participate in Extra Life, a charity effort that raises funds through gaming to support Children's Miracle Network. Please consider donating or joining our player team to help us heal kids.

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One Free Elephant

Pass the Potatoes
Darkened Sky Studios

Get Adler! Deduction Card Game
Caper Games

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