This Week in IGA: July 24, 2017

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IGA’s Newest Integrations: The Game Crafter & IndieGoGo

We’re pleased to announce new integration points with two of the powerhouses of the indie game publishing world: IndieGoGo and The Game Crafter!

IGA’s support of IndieGoGo means that members using IGG as their crowdfunding platform of choice can now count on the same reliable backer/status updates, campaign shares, and all the other features Kickstarter users have come to love. In the past, we did the best we could to manually emulate what our automated processes do, but our new API access and integration means IndieGoGo campaigns are first-class citizens on the Indie Game Alliance website.

Our Game Crafter implementation is small for now, but will be expanding over time. You can now import game details from TGC just as you would from BoardGameGeek, using the Studio Game Catalog found at  Simply paste in your game’s URL and click Load Data.


Dice Tower Con 2017: After-Action Report

First off, my apologies for the tardiness of this report. We were leveled with con crud upon returning from the show (the curse of the demo rep!) and between that, resetting from Dice Tower (and Origins, which we never fully got to recoup from before setting off for Dice Tower) and preparing for Gen Con, it’s been a zoo here!

IGA had its own room at DTC, in “Antigua 1”. The setup was ideal; we could sell, demo, and playtest all in one room, set the hours, and secure the room when we left for the night. That was awesome. The location… Less so. Our room was down a hall with no other exhibitors or attractions, so our foot traffic was pretty abysmal. If not for a sticker program DTC did (think the Cheese Weasel exhibitor scavenger hunt at Gen Con, but with stickers) I don’t know if we’d have seen 200 people in the room all five days. We did the best we could to haul in people from the hallway with banners and Minions, and the con staff tried to help us with call outs in the main gaming hall, but there’s only so much you can do to combat that.

Sales were slow at this show again — this was reported pretty universally among exhibitors. Cool Stuff has a massive ding and dent sale at Dice Tower and restocks it every two hours — the lines for it are usually out the door. The combination of Cool Stuff and a flea market that ran all morning Saturday seemed to vacuum up all the money at the con. I do not know if it will be financially viable for IGA to do a vendor presence at DTC next year if this structure continues, which I see no reason to indicate that it won’t.

Because slow sales mean leftover stock, several of our members (old and new) left us stock at the end of the show. Minions and retailers should definitely check out the IGA Store, as you’ll find a ton of new goodies from Tortured Earth, NSKN, Formal Ferret, Attack Dice, and others to choose from.

We did manage to do some pretty good demos and playtests throughout the week. We ran a ton of Roll Player (which won Indie Publisher Game of the Year from Dice Tower – congratulations!) and other favorites. At this point, I believe all demo reports from the show have been filed.

We had our first-ever dedicated Prototype Day on Thursday, featuring demos of Sparkle*Kitty and Rise of Tribes from Breaking Games, Superbeings from Alienplay Games, Objective: Vietnam from Recon Games, Maximum Apocalypse from Rock Manor Games,  Clockwork Renaissance from Blue Fool Games, and others. We pitched a few games to interested publishers — the publishers should have already been in contact with the designers of the affected games. Not every game got picked up, but we’ll keep trying!

We did recruit a few new members at the show, including new Pro members Gigamic and NSKN / Strawberry Studios. Welcome to the team, everybody! We’re now over 650 members, which is a huge achievement for us before our “official” 3-year anniversary. Even more impressive, we’ve now crossed 150 IGA Pro members! That’s fantastic news for us, because more Pro subscriptions means more cons we can attend, more features we can add, and more work we can do on your behalf. The bad news, however, is that our Pro members still account for only 26% of our total members. For the same reasons we mentioned above, if you’re still on the IGA Starter plan, we strongly encourage you to go Pro and help support our continued growth. If you haven’t looked at the list of Pro membership benefits in a while, do yourself a favor and check again — it’s more than doubled in the last year.

While we’re on the subject of recruiting, we’d also like to welcome the twelve new Minions that joined us at Dice Tower Con, and to congratulate Minion Aaron S. on his first IGA convention action. Aaron did a fantastic job helping us out Saturday and Sunday, and made his on-camera debut with an impromptu video demo of Superbeings Jumbo Card Game. Victoria and I would also like to thank Nathan, Andrew S., Andrew B. and Danny for your assistance as always. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

Remember, gang, we’re now less than 4 weeks away from Gen Con 50. Now is your final chance to book Gen Con demos in our booth or the event hall or send us stock to sell for you. We’re working on some cool new booth upgrades for Gen Con which we think are going to look great if we can get them done in time. Members wishing to book an appointment with Matt and Victoria at the show may do so at We’ll be in booth 361 – a huge upgrade from our previous spots – in a 20×10 booth. Spread the word!


New Partnerships

Table of Ultimate Gaming

The Table of Ultimate Gaming is Kickstarting on Aug 24th 2017!

10% on Kickstarter orders!

Now on Kickstarter

Battle of Souls TCG

william Brevard $26 of $2000 raised (1%) 15 days left

Battle for the Universe - A Competitive Heroic Card Game

Jonny Hinkle $8449 of $25000 raised (33%) 8 days left

Argent: the Consortium - 2nd Ed.

David B. Talton Jr. $78138 of $100000 raised (78%) 34 days left

Burger Time: The Card Game

Oniichan Games $3264 of $3000 raised (108%) 21 days left

Firelight: The Questing Card Game - New Tabletop RPG

HobbyHorse Games, LLC $12447 of $11200 raised (111%) 17 days left

Diesel Demolition Derby

LudiCreations $12171 of $10000 raised (121%) 38 days left

Legendary Creatures

Eduardo Baraf $29107 of $20000 raised (145%) 10 days left

Spookre: A Hauntingly Fun Card Game

David Sheppard $5822 of $4000 raised (145%) 11 days left

Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done - Deluxified™

Michael Mindes $203104 of $40000 raised (507%) 11 days left

Twin Stars: Adventure Series I - A solo game system

Jason Tagmire $11137 of $500 raised (2227%) 2 days left

Trash Pandas - the card game.

Michael Eskue $13612 of $200 raised (6806%) 11 days left

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