This Week in IGA: March 13, 2017

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Gen Con and Dice Tower Con Now Open to Everyone!

Hey everybody! Just a quick line to remind you that Dice Tower Con and Gen Con demo slots are still available! The 30-day Pro exclusivity window has now expired on both shows, so demos are now available for both Starter and Pro members. Get all the details right here!


IGA Warehouse Upgrade Completed!

We just finished a move to our new warehouse facilities over the weekend! Our new space is twice as large as our previous storage facility, so we don’t have to be quite so nervous to take on larger quantities of games. This desperately needed to happen in order to accommodate the expected influx of stock in advance of Gen Con and our other summer shows. Huge thanks to the members of our team who helped with the move at both locations, and also assisted with the physical inventory we undertook as part of the process.

If you’ve got a package en route to us, don’t worry, we’ll still get it! We sadly can’t receive incoming mail directly at the warehouse site, so our shipping address is an offsite holding facility and therefore didn’t need to change.

Next up in our bid to improve our stock handling power: saving up for a box truck!

New Partnerships

S+M Printing

Screenprinting for T-shirts

Minimum order waived
10% off Screen Costs
10% off Printing Costs
10 % off S, M, L, XL Shirts
5% off XXL, XXXL Shirts

Meeple Realty

Organizer inserts for board games

Minions receive 10% off any Meeple Realty inserts.

Cameron Publicity and Marketing

Publicist specializing in press releases and media outreach in the UK

IGA Pro members receive 10% off all services.

Now on Kickstarter

Rocket Cats in Space! Relaunched!

Mark Sierens $596 of $13000 raised (4%) 29 days left

Battle of Souls TCG

William Brevard $245 of $2000 raised (12%) 20 days left

Wizard's WARdrobe - A Wizard-Building & Battling Game

Game Point $2914 of $17643 raised (16%) 26 days left

Emperor's Hand - an elegantly elemental cardgame

Stephen Coffey $507 of $2440 raised (20%) 20 days left

Super Chibi A.C.E.

MidKnight Heroes $1108 of $4500 raised (24%) 14 days left

Dubai: Rebuild the Ruins

GreaterThanGames $12463 of $50000 raised (24%) 11 days left

Critters Below - Starvation has never been so much fun!

Antler Games $8982 of $15900 raised (56%) 21 days left

Lawless Empire - Control the dice, control your opponents.

Shin Wong $2829 of $4956 raised (57%) 14 days left

Tribes: Early Civilization

Tea Time Productions $20420 of $33110 raised (61%) 26 days left

Ambyria: Starlight & Vengeance

Paw-Warrior Games $5793 of $7800 raised (74%) 4 days left

Dragon Dodge

Maggie and Jeff - Hidden Creek Games $7334 of $8000 raised (91%) 6 days left


Spontaneously Combustible Games $8812 of $9500 raised (92%) 9 days left

Unlocked: The Mansion of Mana

Sean Howard $13478 of $12500 raised (107%) 12 days left

Pixel Glory - Light and Shadow

Frank Alberts $24086 of $20000 raised (120%) 1 days left

Toucan Play that Game - Season 2

Michael $2439 of $1864 raised (130%) 24 days left

ORE-SOME! A Wild West strategy game for families & friends.

One Free Elephant $7593 of $4997 raised (151%) LAST DAY!

Bearly Working

Lazy Wolf Games $10793 of $6879 raised (156%) 3 days left

The Last Garden - Robotanists in the Post-Apocalypse.

Chris Rowlands $17308 of $9800 raised (176%) 15 days left

Castle Dukes: Medieval Fun In 3D

Medieval Lords $25345 of $14169 raised (178%) 17 days left

Cauldron Master - A deduction & set collection witch game!

Caezar and Kuly from Alley Cat Games $8621 of $4786 raised (180%) 16 days left

Midnight Legion: The World Reborn

C. Aaron Kreader $2702 of $1500 raised (180%) 19 days left

Grimslingers: The Northern Territory

Greenbrier Games INC $45202 of $20000 raised (226%) 24 days left

Food Truck Champion

Daily Magic Games $38113 of $15000 raised (254%) 2 days left

Long Live The Queen

LudiCreations $33393 of $10000 raised (333%) 17 days left

Halfsies Dice - The World Tour

John Wrot! $35670 of $10000 raised (356%) 8 days left

Antidote: Lab Alliance

Dennis Hoyle $12276 of $3000 raised (409%) 8 days left

Gamer Deck 2 - Theme

Odd Hackwelder $2734 of $500 raised (546%) 6 days left

DRAGOON: The Rogue and Barbarian Expansion + Reprint

Lay Waste Games LLC $85463 of $14000 raised (610%) 29 days left

Murder Most Foul - Game and Hot Sauce

Sixpence Games $3798 of $500 raised (759%) 19 days left

Dinosaur Island

Pandasaurus Games $260835 of $15000 raised (1738%) 11 days left

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