This Week in IGA: January 30, 2017

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IGA services for Dice Tower Con and Gen Con now on sale!

Exciting news, everybody! As of right now, IGA demo time is available for sale to IGA Pro members at both Dice Tower Con 2017 and Gen Con 2017! Members with Pro subscriptions will have exclusive access to purchase time for both of these conventions for the next 30 days, after which any unsold time will also be available to Starter members. If you want the best spots, make sure to go Pro!

We’re also super excited that for the first time, IGA has a Convention Services Store! That’s right, no more kludgey PayPal transfers; you can shop for services right on our website, see exactly what’s available at the moment you purchase, and pay securely in one step with your credit card. We’re incredibly proud of this new site feature, but as with all new software, please let us know if you experience any difficulties whatsoever.

For those of you who haven’t used our services before: the Gen Con “vendor booth demos” are quick, elevator-pitch style game explanations at the vendor booth. We don’t have the space to have people sit down and play, sadly. If you want full games run, you should check out the “scheduled event / demo / tournament” option.

IMPORTANT: We’ve changed up the way we’re doing Gen Con event hall demos this year. At the request/insistence of the Gen Con events team, we will not be running a game library at Gen Con 2017. Instead, we’re doing scheduled events, which seem to draw larger crowds anyway, and guarantee that your game will be on the tables. This move will also help IGA secure bigger booths and better placement in future Gen Cons, helping us sell even more of your games.

We will be maintaining a demo library at Dice Tower Con, in our dedicated IGA demo/vendor room. If you’re a Pro member and you’ve ever sent us games, those games will be available for play at no additional charge. If you’d like to rent one of our demo tables for a scheduled event (and thus, guaranteed plays) you can do so also. This is a fantastic opportunity because you get scheduled event pricing with vendor booth sales opportunities, as we’ll be doing both in the same room.

We are also happy to do sales of Pro members’ games at our vendor booths for both shows. IGA takes a 50/50 revenue split for retail sales. All discounts and show expenses come out of IGA’s cut. If you want to sell games, please ensure you’ve updated your stock permissions and that we have stock in hand no later than three weeks before the convention date. Stock can be shipped to:

Indie Game Alliance

4250 Alafaya Trail #212-204

Oviedo, FL 32765

IGA’s member support team is available to assist with any questions or special requests you might have. Email us at or call us at (888)456-6282 (10AM-10PM Eastern) with any questions and we’ll answer them right away!

Or, if you’re ready, you can just sign up for your Dice Tower Con and Gen Con 2017 convention presence right now!

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Turn of Phrase: Make a Scene!

Neon Desert Games $1758 of $17500 raised (10%) 24 days left

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Ian Price $717 of $4000 raised (17%) 15 days left

Reign: Diplomacy, Deception, Domination

Garage Games Australia $5524 of $8248 raised (66%) 15 days left

Pixel Glory - Light and Shadow

Frank Alberts $13634 of $20000 raised (68%) 43 days left

AFFLICTION: Salem 1692

DPH Games Inc $7351 of $10000 raised (73%) 19 days left

Trash Pandas

Red Rook Games $1671 of $2000 raised (83%) 12 days left

Charms: A Game of Insight

C. Aaron Kreader $12449 of $13000 raised (95%) 1 days left

Iris: A Cooperative Micro Game

Dustin Vance $850 of $800 raised (106%) 13 days left

Nightmare Forest: Alien Invasion

Dave Killingsworth $10835 of $10000 raised (108%) 22 days left

Yukon Salon: A Beary Hairy Game

David Fooden $5694 of $5000 raised (113%) 25 days left

Argle Bargle: The Game Where You Insult Your Friends

Argle Bargle $11762 of $9825 raised (119%) 17 days left

Defense Grid: The Board Game

Anthony Hanses $53718 of $30000 raised (179%) 11 days left

Pinball Showdown

Shoot Again Games $7346 of $3333 raised (220%) 10 days left

Heroes of Land, Air & Sea - Featuring Pre-Painted Miniatures

Gamelyn Games $225762 of $100000 raised (225%) 25 days left

Monsters in the Elevator

Yaya Play Games $5868 of $2500 raised (234%) 12 days left

Railways of Nippon: The Next Train Stop on the ROTW Track!

Eagle Games $89510 of $15000 raised (596%) 14 days left

Sub Terra: a Cooperative Survival Horror Game for 1-6 Cavers

Inside the Box Board Games $192037 of $20181 raised (951%) 17 days left

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IGA services for Dice Tower Con and Gen Con 2017 are now on sale for IGA Pro subscribers! Get the details and sign up now!

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