This Week in IGA: January 16, 2017

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IGA is proud to sponsor Expedition Prototype 2017!

IGA is proud to be an official sponsor of Expedition Prototype 2017, formerly known as Prototype Con. Expedition Prototype is a prototype/playtesting only convention held in February in Kissimmee, FL, and organized by some of the same stellar individuals that run Dice Tower Con.

Expedition Prototype is planning the following events that you can be a part of:

  • A series of design and publishing workshops and publisher interviews

  • Play-to-wins and raffles

  • Playtesting and more playtesting!

Here’s how members can get involved:

  1. Buy a ticket.

  2. If you want to playtest your game at the event, register your game now. Spots are limited, and they’re cheaper before January 15, so hurry up and register.

  3. If you can’t make the event, you can register your game for their playtest library. Spots are limited for this as well. IGA will be happy to help support any member whose game is in the library with player assistance during the event. If IGA already has a copy of the game, we will bring it to the event so you don’t have to send an additional copy. If you’re sending them a copy, we can take it after the show for future demos if you like.

  4. Come by our info table and hang out with us!

Local Minions, we’d love to see you at the event too! Loot Points are available for playtesting games at the show! If you file at least 8 hours’ worth of IGA playtest reports, we’ll  reimburse your $20 badge!

IGA is going to Dice Tower Con!

IGA is thrilled to announce that we’ve upgraded our presence at Dice Tower Con, here in our backyard in Orlando, FL. IGA’s now secured not only exhibitor/vendor status, but an ENTIRE ROOM for demos, tournaments and events! There’s only four of these rooms available at Dice Tower 2017, and one of them is going to be filled with YOUR games!


If you’re a member that wants to run events in our room, either in person or with us running them on your behalf, please let your IGA account rep know right away. If you’re a Minion who wants to work the show with us, let the minion coordinator know!

Now on Kickstarter

Monsters in the Elevator

Yaya Play Games $84 of $2500 raised (3%) 26 days left

Bad Decisions Expansion Set #1

Ian Price $466 of $4000 raised (11%) 29 days left

Battle for the Universe - Competitive Card Game

Jonny Hinkle $4399 of $30000 raised (14%) 24 days left

Reign: Diplomacy, Deception, Domination

Garage Games Australia $1435 of $8248 raised (17%) 29 days left

Trash Pandas

Red Rook Games $376 of $2000 raised (18%) 26 days left

Charms: A Game of Insight

C. Aaron Kreader $9674 of $13000 raised (74%) 15 days left

The Future of Big Kid Games

Big Kid Games $5598 of $5000 raised (111%) 14 days left

Pinball Showdown

Shoot Again Games $5689 of $3333 raised (170%) 24 days left

Sub Terra: a Cooperative Survival Horror Game for 1-6 Cavers

Inside the Box Board Games $120968 of $20181 raised (599%) 31 days left

Avignon: Pilgrimage, Turbo Drift & Find Your Seats

Jason Tagmire $12089 of $2000 raised (604%) 5 days left

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