This Week in IGA: December 19, 2016

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IGA’s Digital Revolution

Greetings! We’re super excited to make this announcement, as it’s the culmination of several months of work and negotiations.

IGA has long sought a way to make our playtesting offering better suited to the needs of our members – more playtesters, more iteration, and less cost. As some of you have discovered, platforms like Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia have provided a great means to do so – albeit with certain caveats, namely that you don’t know who’s playing and when, and finding players can be a challenge.

Until now.

IGA is proud to announce the launch of our new partnership with all three major platforms for digital tabletop gaming: Tabletopia, Tabletop Simulator, and the new PlayTable!

Let’s start with Tabletopia, which is live on right now. Here’s how it work:

You, as a publisher,  can add your Tabletopia link to our website via our newly-redesigned studio game catalog. (You have checked that out, right?). That will cause our system to “recognize” your game as an IGA member game, and also add a “Play on Tabletopia” link to the public game page for your game. Minions can see what games are available to be played and tested right here.

But, here’s the really cool part. IGA’s Minions can now add their Steam usernames to their account profile. See where we’re going with this? Under the terms of our deal with Tabletopia, IGA now has direct access to the gameplay data for your games. So, whenever our Minions playtest your games, our system knows. You’ll get a demo report just like you do for physical game plays, automatically generated and verifiable right from the Tabletopia system. Minions can now earn Loot Points for playtesting your game from anywhere, anytime, ensuring there is always got someone to play with!

We’re creating a new public Facebook group to share feedback, discuss, and find players, open to both members and Minions. I’ve gone through the Tabletopia game list and added all the IGA member games I could find to our database.

In case you haven’t heard, Tabletopia recently changed their model such that it’s now free to play. There is a charge to add games to the service, but IGA Pro members save 10% on the Workshop account for this purpose.

Pretty cool, right? But hold up. We wouldn’t just give you one awesome new tool, would we? There’s two major platforms for digital tabletop gaming. So we asked, why not both?

We’re thrilled to announce an additional partnership, signed late last night, with Berserk Games, maker of Tabletop Simulator! They need a few weeks to get the code written to give us database access, but once they do, the terms of that deal will be pretty much identical, so whichever platform you choose, IGA’s Minions are ready to play!

The Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator deals are available to IGA Pro members only. If you need help getting your game imported into either system, let IGA support know. We have experienced freelancers on standby who will work with you at a special rate to get your game up in digital lights!

But wait. There’s even more.

If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you’ve probably seen ads for the PlayTable. This insanely cool device is billed as the world’s first console for tabletop gaming. It’s basically a giant tablet with a tabletop app store, support for physical components, and more, and it’ll be launching in late 2017 – early 2018.

Well, if you want in, IGA is the way. Under the terms of our new partnership with PlayTable developer Prizm Labs, IGA members will get access to their creation kit for games 30 days before everyone else, so you’ll get a head start on a new frontier of tabletop gaming. You’ll also get preferred placement for your games on their “app store”. IGA members and Minions will save 10% on the PlayTable devices themselves. Best of all, IGA Pro members will get an extra 10% revenue share on their games when they’re sold in the PlayTable app store!

We expect there’s going to be a ton of questions. We stand ready to answer. We’ll be manning all three groups on Facebook (and if you’re not in one, you should be) throughout the day. You can also reach us at


Issues with Internet Explorer and iOS browsers resolved

We’ve received several reports that users were having some issues with several of our web forms when using iOS devices or Internet Explorer. We’ve done some pretty extensive debugging and we think we’ve gotten the issues resolved. Please give it another try if you experienced any issues, and let us know at if anything else crops up! Sorry about that.

New Partnerships


Digital tabletop gaming platform

IGA members save 10% on Workshop accounts.
IGA Pro member games are eligible to be taught or playtested by Minions for Loot Points over the Tabletopia platform.


The world's first board game console

IGA members will receive 10% extra revenue share when they add their games to the PlayTable Game Shop
IGA members will receive 10% off the purchase of PlayTable hardware
IGA Pro members will receive access to the PlayTable Construction Kit 30 days before all other publishers
IGA Pro member games will receive preferential placement on the PlayTable Game Shop

Berserk Games

Makers of Tabletop Simulator on Steam

IGA Pro members' gameplay data will be reported to IGA for the purposes of automatically filing demo reports when our volunteer Minions demo your games.

Bob Nolan Digital Conversions

Professional conversion of tabletop games to digital platforms such as Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator

IGA Pro members get 25% off Bob's hourly rate ($15 vs. $20)

Shenzhen Wangjing Printing Co.

Turnkey card game manufacturing

IGA Pro members save 5% on per-unit production costs.

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Did You Know?

IGA is going digital! We've secured partnerships with Tabletopia, Tabletop Simulator, and PlayTable to provide members new revenue streams and playtesting opportunities. Find out more! Minions: Earn loot points for playtesting or demos online!

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