This Week in IGA: December 12, 2016

New Partnerships

DoFine Games

Turnkey tabletop game manufacturing

Save 5% on all unit costs.
Save 2% oh tooling costs.
Receive a free 95% quality proof prototype before mass production.
Receive two free "spot check" copies from the mass production run, shipped before the bulk order.

Now on Kickstarter

Hunting Sasquatch

SpyGlass Games $2369 of $9000 raised (26%) 18 days left

Control Alt Deceit

√Čtienne Garbugli $2112 of $6500 raised (32%) 15 days left

Pompeii: Wrath of Vesuvius

Punch-It Entertainment, LLC $5904 of $15955 raised (37%) 3 days left

Isaribi: Fishing, Market Play, and Outwitting your Opponents

Gryphon and Eagle Games $21626 of $10000 raised (216%) LAST DAY!

Lisboa: Vital Lacerda's New Game of Rebuilding & Influence

Eagle Games $237626 of $50000 raised (475%) 3 days left

Hot Dogs (and the Button Shy Year End Roundup Sale)

Jason Tagmire $3268 of $500 raised (653%) 5 days left

Crokinole 2017 Hardwood Edition 2-4 Player Dexterity Game

Seth Hiatt $51319 of $5000 raised (1026%) 27 days left

Vast: The Crystal Caverns - Second Printing with Miniatures

Patrick Leder $328414 of $12000 raised (2736%) 6 days left

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