This Week in IGA: December 5, 2016

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Minions: Get alerted when your games become demo-eligible!

Pleased to announce a cool new feature for our volunteer Minions. Now, if you’ve registered your username on your minion profile (and if not, you should do so now), and if you keep track of your game collection there, we’ll be able to tell you when you get new games that are eligible to be demoed for Loot Points!

New games will appear when you’ve added new games to your BGG collection that are IGA-supported, or when companies that publish the games you already own join the IGA team as members. Look for emails on Friday mornings if you’ve got new games to move to your IGA shelf!

Now on Kickstarter

Hunting Sasquatch

SpyGlass Games $2127 of $9000 raised (23%) 25 days left

Pompeii: Wrath of Vesuvius

Punch-It Entertainment, LLC $5628 of $15955 raised (35%) 10 days left

Doug Doug Goose Caboose - A pocket sized ice breaker game!

Infectious Play (Jon Gilmour) $2036 of $4500 raised (45%) 1 days left

Isaribi: Fishing, Market Play, and Outwitting your Opponents

Gryphon and Eagle Games $15752 of $10000 raised (157%) 7 days left

Destiny Aurora: Renegades Miniatures Board Game

Destiny Horizons $55317 of $35000 raised (158%) 2 days left

Lisboa: Vital Lacerda's New Game of Rebuilding & Influence

Eagle Games $229889 of $50000 raised (459%) 10 days left

Vast: The Crystal Caverns - Second Printing with Miniatures

Patrick Leder $263828 of $12000 raised (2198%) 13 days left

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