Under The Sun Publishing

Harrisburg, PA USA
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Here at Under The Sun Publishing, we didn’t want to limit our creativity to fit into some neat little box. We wanted to be free to create, well, anything under the sun. With that said, we also have a particular interest in creating content that the whole family can enjoy together. The family that reads together, plays together, and learns together, grows together.

Our name also serves as an Ecclesiastical reminder that if our objective is just to earn money and make a name for ourselves, then we will labor in vain. We want to keep the bigger picture in mind by serving you and your family. Strong families make for a strong community, and strong communities make for a strong country.

And is there a better way to read a good book then under the sun? When the weather is cold and the sky is dreary, is there a better way to add some sunshine to your life then with a fun board game with your family? Not in our minds. Browse our catalog to see the products we’ve made to add a little sun to your day. (Description from the publisher, www.underthesunpublishing.com)

Games from Under The Sun Publishing