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Cambridge, Waikato New Zealand
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Cheap Sheep Games is an independent tabletop games publisher based in New Zealand. Our flagship game Crimopolis (2019) was awarded The Tactile Taste (aka best physical game) at NZ Games Festival 2020.

The publishing studio was founded by Sven Obermaier in January 2018 with the intention to bring thematic strategy games to the market that don't require dice, are quick to learn, and offer lots of player freedom.

We currently work on two new titles: Castleshire (2022), a family-friendly asymmetric bluffing card game about medieval master-builders, and Personalities (2022 or later), a theme-deepening evolution pack to Crimopolis. We also work on a yet to be revealed cooperative mid-weight strategy board game about time-traveling (2023+).

Cheep Sheep Games uses CSZ as its SKU code. The company is based in Waikato, New Zealand.

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