Hit 'Em With a Shoe

Philadelphia, PA USA
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Founded in 2017 and located in Philadelphia, PA, Hit ‘Em With a Shoe exists to provide games, educational services, and library services. Headed by Matt Shoemaker MLIS and MA History, Hit ‘Em With a Shoe has experience in modifying games for educational outcomes; providing archival, library, and digital archival/library consulting; historical research in game history; and creating games. Past clients include the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Chemical Heritage Foundation. If you have any questions about our above services please reach out to us at contact@hitemwithashoe.com

Our inaugural game project is “Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer.” This game is designed as a medium weight euro game with resource management and worker placement mechanics that can be used for educational purposes. You can find more information about the game here, and keep an eye out for our crowdfunding campaign for the game coming in fall of 2018!

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