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Aurora, CO USA
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Spyglass Games was created in 2014 with the goal of creating exciting, Euro-style board games that everyone can enjoy. We develop products with innovative playing mechanics and diverse themes, with our inspiration coming from our extensive experience as gamers, a vivid imagination, and our desire to share our ideas with the world. To stand out in the larger gaming market, Spyglass Games relies on input from the gaming community during the design process to ensure we include the things that matter to our customers. Our company culture is also very inclusive and we work hard to represent a diverse array of people in our games.

Spyglass Games wants to ensure that the games we produce are ones that people want to play. One way we accomplish this is by using the crowd-funding site, Kick-starter. This way we engage in a partnership with our customers, so that every game that gets funded conforms to the high standards that we all demand. Every project will be completed to the utmost before our Kick-starter begins so that our backers can be sure that their investment will be treated responsibly and so that games will be produced and delivered in as short a time as possible.

Games from Spyglass Games