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Denver, CO USA
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Terra Nova Games is a boardgame design and publishing company established by Justin Schaffer (Denver, CO) and Robert Garza (Austin, TX) in February 2013. It was created as an outlet to share our passion for the hobby with others. Our goal is to encourage face-to-face fun through interactive and innovative gameplay. Terra Nova Games strives to bring people together in person, to use games as a means of socializing and strategizing around a table of friends.

Why "Terra Nova"?
"Terra Nova" translates to new land, so we hope that our games are a means to help people discover something new. Whether it's being introduced to this amazing hobby of ours, meeting new friends, being immersed into a new thematic world, or helping someone break out of their shell - so many skills and values can be learned through gaming, and that's why it's important to us to evangelize the hobby.

We hope you enjoy our games!


- Terra Nova Games fan

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