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IGA Warehouse Upgrade Completed!

We just finished a move to our new warehouse facilities over the weekend! Our new space is twice as large as our previous storage facility, so we don’t have to be quite so nervous to take on larger quantities of games. This desperately needed to happen in order to accommodate the expected influx of stock in advance of Gen Con and our other summer shows. Huge thanks to the members of our team who helped with the move at both locations, and also assisted with the physical inventory we undertook as part of the process.

If you’ve got a package en route to us, don’t worry, we’ll still get it! We sadly can’t receive incoming mail directly at the warehouse site, so our shipping address is an offsite holding facility and therefore didn’t need to change.

Next up in our bid to improve our stock handling power: saving up for a box truck!

IGA services for Dice Tower Con and Gen Con now on sale!

Exciting news, everybody! As of right now, IGA demo time is available for sale to IGA Pro members at both Dice Tower Con 2017 and Gen Con 2017! Members with Pro subscriptions will have exclusive access to purchase time for both of these conventions for the next 30 days, after which any unsold time will also be available to Starter members. If you want the best spots, make sure to go Pro!

We’re also super excited that for the first time, IGA has a Convention Services Store! That’s right, no more kludgey PayPal transfers; you can shop for services right on our website, see exactly what’s available at the moment you purchase, and pay securely in one step with your credit card. We’re incredibly proud of this new site feature, but as with all new software, please let us know if you experience any difficulties whatsoever.

For those of you who haven’t used our services before: the Gen Con “vendor booth demos” are quick, elevator-pitch style game explanations at the vendor booth. We don’t have the space to have people sit down and play, sadly. If you want full games run, you should check out the “scheduled event / demo / tournament” option.

IMPORTANT: We’ve changed up the way we’re doing Gen Con event hall demos this year. At the request/insistence of the Gen Con events team, we will not be running a game library at Gen Con 2017. Instead, we’re doing scheduled events, which seem to draw larger crowds anyway, and guarantee that your game will be on the tables. This move will also help IGA secure bigger booths and better placement in future Gen Cons, helping us sell even more of your games.

We will be maintaining a demo library at Dice Tower Con, in our dedicated IGA demo/vendor room. If you’re a Pro member and you’ve ever sent us games, those games will be available for play at no additional charge. If you’d like to rent one of our demo tables for a scheduled event (and thus, guaranteed plays) you can do so also. This is a fantastic opportunity because you get scheduled event pricing with vendor booth sales opportunities, as we’ll be doing both in the same room.

We are also happy to do sales of Pro members’ games at our vendor booths for both shows. IGA takes a 50/50 revenue split for retail sales. All discounts and show expenses come out of IGA’s cut. If you want to sell games, please ensure you’ve updated your stock permissions and that we have stock in hand no later than three weeks before the convention date. Stock can be shipped to:

Indie Game Alliance
4250 Alafaya Trail #212-204
Oviedo, FL 32765

IGA’s member support team is available to assist with any questions or special requests you might have. Email us at or call us at (888)456-6282 (10AM-10PM Eastern) with any questions and we’ll answer them right away!

Or, if you’re ready, you can just sign up for your Dice Tower Con and Gen Con 2017 convention presence right now!

IGA is going to Dice Tower Con!

IGA is thrilled to announce that we’ve upgraded our presence at Dice Tower Con, here in our backyard in Orlando, FL. IGA’s now secured not only exhibitor/vendor status, but an ENTIRE ROOM for demos, tournaments and events! There’s only four of these rooms available at Dice Tower 2017, and one of them is going to be filled with YOUR games!
If you’re a member that wants to run events in our room, either in person or with us running them on your behalf, please let your IGA account rep know right away. If you’re a Minion who wants to work the show with us, let the minion coordinator know!

IGA is proud to sponsor Expedition Prototype 2017!

IGA is proud to be an official sponsor of Expedition Prototype 2017, formerly known as Prototype Con. Expedition Prototype is a prototype/playtesting only convention held in February in Kissimmee, FL, and organized by the fantastic folks at Dream Tangibly.

Expedition Prototype is planning the following events that you can be a part of:

  • A series of design and publishing workshops and publisher interviews
  • Door prizes
  • Most importantly, playtesting and more playtesting!

Here’s how members can get involved:

  1. Buy a ticket if you can attend. If you can’t, no worries – your game still can!
  2. If you want to playtest your game in person at the event, register your game now. Spots are limited, and they’re cheaper before January 15, so hurry up and register. If you want IGA to run it for you, contact your account representative for hourly pricing.
  3. If you can’t make the event, you can register your game for their playtest library. Spots are limited for this as well. IGA will be happy to help support any member whose game is in the library with player assistance during the event. If IGA already has a copy of the game, we will bring it to the event so you don’t have to send an additional copy. If you’re sending them a copy, we can take it after the show for future demos if you like.
  4. If your game is available for publication, send us some sell sheets to hand out to interested publishers.
  5. Come by our info table and hang out with us!

Local Minions, we’d love to see you at the event too! Loot Points are available for playtesting games at the show! If you file at least 8 hours’ worth of IGA playtest reports, we’ll  reimburse your $20 badge!

IGA’s Digital Revolution

Greetings! We’re super excited to make this announcement, as it’s the culmination of several months of work and negotiations.

IGA has long sought a way to make our playtesting offering better suited to the needs of our members – more playtesters, more iteration, and less cost. As some of you have discovered, platforms like Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia have provided a great means to do so – albeit with certain caveats, namely that you don’t know who’s playing and when, and finding players can be a challenge.

Until now.

IGA is proud to announce the launch of our new partnership with all three major platforms for digital tabletop gaming: Tabletopia, Tabletop Simulator, and the new PlayTable!

Let’s start with Tabletopia, which is live on right now. Here’s how it work:

You, as a publisher,  can add your Tabletopia link to our website via our newly-redesigned studio game catalog. (You have checked that out, right?). That will cause our system to “recognize” your game as an IGA member game, and also add a “Play on Tabletopia” link to the public game page for your game. Minions can see what games are available to be played and tested right here.

But, here’s the really cool part. IGA’s Minions can now add their Steam usernames to their account profile. See where we’re going with this? Under the terms of our deal with Tabletopia, IGA now has direct access to the gameplay data for your games. So, whenever our Minions playtest your games, our system knows. You’ll get a demo report just like you do for physical game plays, automatically generated and verifiable right from the Tabletopia system. Minions can now earn Loot Points for playtesting your game from anywhere, anytime, ensuring there is always got someone to play with!

We’re creating a new public Facebook group to share feedback, discuss, and find players, open to both members and Minions. I’ve gone through the Tabletopia game list and added all the IGA member games I could find to our database.

In case you haven’t heard, Tabletopia recently changed their model such that it’s now free to play. There is a charge to add games to the service, but IGA Pro members save 10% on the Workshop account for this purpose.

Pretty cool, right? But hold up. We wouldn’t just give you one awesome new tool, would we? There’s two major platforms for digital tabletop gaming. So we asked, why not both?

We’re thrilled to announce an additional partnership, signed late last night, with Berserk Games, maker of Tabletop Simulator! They need a few weeks to get the code written to give us database access, but once they do, the terms of that deal will be pretty much identical, so whichever platform you choose, IGA’s Minions are ready to play!

The Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator deals are available to IGA Pro members only. If you need help getting your game imported into either system, let IGA support know. We have experienced freelancers on standby who will work with you at a special rate to get your game up in digital lights!

But wait. There’s even more.

If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you’ve probably seen ads for the PlayTable. This insanely cool device is billed as the world’s first console for tabletop gaming. It’s basically a giant tablet with a tabletop app store, support for physical components, and more, and it’ll be launching in late 2017 – early 2018.

Well, if you want in, IGA is the way. Under the terms of our new partnership with PlayTable developer Prizm Labs, IGA members will get access to their creation kit for games 30 days before everyone else, so you’ll get a head start on a new frontier of tabletop gaming. You’ll also get preferred placement for your games on their “app store”. IGA members and Minions will save 10% on the PlayTable devices themselves. Best of all, IGA Pro members will get an extra 10% revenue share on their games when they’re sold in the PlayTable app store!

We expect there’s going to be a ton of questions. We stand ready to answer. We’ll be manning all three groups on Facebook (and if you’re not in one, you should be) throughout the day. You can also reach us at


Minions: Get alerted when your games become demo-eligible!

Pleased to announce a cool new feature for our volunteer Minions. Now, if you’ve registered your username on your minion profile (and if not, you should do so now), and if you keep track of your game collection there, we’ll be able to tell you when you get new games that are eligible to be demoed for Loot Points!

New games will appear when you’ve added new games to your BGG collection that are IGA-supported, or when companies that publish the games you already own join the IGA team as members. Look for emails on Friday mornings if you’ve got new games to move to your IGA shelf!

Black Friday Sale extended through Friday 12/3!

Designers and publishers: Thinking about upgrading to IGA Pro and taking advantage of over 40 membership discounts, increased demo opportunities and everything else we offer? Now through Dec. 3 at midnight Eastern, save an additional $20 when you upgrade to a new annual IGA Pro subscription! For just $180 ($15 a month – a 25% savings over our monthly plan!) you can get a year of Pro and access to our 300+ volunteer Minions for about what you pay for your favorite video service or blind box.

Check out all the benefits at or sign up now!

Now Designers Can Solicit Reviews with One Click

Hey there! Just a quick, pre-Gen Con tweak to the site. Designers and publishers, you can now solicit reviewers for your game with a single checkbox!

To advertise a game for review, simply go to your Studio Game Catalog. (If you don’t see the menu item under Designers and Publishers, log in to your studio account first.)


Select your game from the list on the left, and then find the new checkbox labeled Presently seeking reviewers for this game.


Click the green Save  button on the bottom, and you’re done!

Reviewers can visit the new Games Seeking Reviewers page, which can be found under Games in the menu. No login is required.


Once you do, you’ll see a listing of all the games that are flagged as seeking review. Check back often, because we anticipate that lots of reviewers will be watching this page to quickly snap up review copies!


Obviously, it’ll take a little while for designers to learn about this new feature and flag their games as seeking reviewers.

Click Contact Designer to reach out to the designer and request a copy. Designers: Your contact information will not be shared with the reviewer; this is done internally by IGA’s website. The reviewer will not get your contact information unless you reply to their request.


Happy reviewing!