Introducing IGA’s Referral Program!


A few days ago, we asked you to help spread the word about the Indie Game Alliance, and now, we’ve made it even easier, and more profitable, to do just that.

Each member studio and Minion now has their very own referral link, which can be accessed via (login required). You can print or download a QR code, share on social media, or grab an HTML snippet to easily add a referral button to your website. Alternatively, just cut and paste the link and give us a mention in a Kickstarter update, and be rewarded for anyone that joins as a result!

Studios who recruit 5 volunteer demo Minions that file at least one demo report, or refer 5 new member studios that sign up for IGA Pro, will earn a free month of IGA Pro for themselves. Minions receive 10 bonus Loot Points for every active Minion or IGA Pro studio they refer!

Not to mention, you’ll be helping grow the demo team and the available resources we’ll have to attend conventions, print handouts, and make a bigger splash for our members. We’re hopeful that this new tool and incentive program will help us to build on the already-successful team we have to help serve our members even better. It’s a win/win, so get out there and share that link!

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