IGA’s Second Birthday

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and so we can’t believe it’s already been two years since we started the Indie Game Alliance. On April 25, 2015, Brotherwise Games became the first member of our group. At the time, designer Johnny O’Neal told us that if we could recruit five studios into the Alliance, it would succeed. As I write this, our membership list is 342 names long.

I’d like to mark this occasion by telling you a bit about the state of our Alliance, to show you how far we’ve come together, and to ask for your help in order to grow the Alliance and make it better able to fulfill its mission for all of its members.

The revamped IndieGameAlliance.com

On November 26, 2015, we rolled out a new website, rebuilt from the ground up to better handle the growing and changing needs of our members and Minions.

Some of the highlights include:

  • A mobile-friendly demo reporting tool that our Minions use to submit feedback to studios and earn Loot Points
  • freelancer board where the community can find and rate artists, graphic designers, rulebook editors, and other talent
  • A hosted survey module that members can use to customize mobile-friendly feedback surveys and email lists  for one or all of their games
  • An interactive IGA game catalog, integrated  with BoardGameGeek.com, for all your game details and to help Minions find IGA games they own
  • A publisher marketplace where designers can list their games for publication and publishers can find their next big hit
  • Free advertisement of members’ active Kickstarter campaigns

Since the site was relaunched, we have continued to make massive improvements and additions. We’re presently working on a revamped reward store for our Minions and an even more streamlined process for joining the Alliance and managing your account, as well as giving IGA staff (yes, we have staff now!) the tools they need to better support our members.

Upcoming Conventions

We’ve got quite a few conventions coming up! If you want your game on the Open Play Library or Prototype Preview Showcases, all you need to do is get us copies of your game and become an IGA Pro member.

Slots are filling up fast for our demo booth at Gen Con. Contact support@indiegamealliance.com to sign up for your slot or to get your game in our retail booth for sale!

IGA Pro: A Simpler, Better Service Plan

IGA was founded two years ago this week on the idea that many small, independent groups, contributing to a common effort, would have the resources to stand with the larger conglomerate publishers. That dream only works when everyone pitches in.

One of the biggest ways you can help is financially. Based on feedback from our members, we eliminated the confusing Bronze, Silver and Gold membership levels and replaced them with a single, streamlined service offering we call IGA Pro. Pro members get access to all the good stuff from the old plans, plus a ton of new things we’ve only started offering since the website launched. For as little as $16.67 a month, you can make a very meaningful impact on the Alliance’s growth.

Pro subscription fees help us ship games to volunteer demo reps worldwide. They help us have the funds ready to pounce on available booth space at popular conventions that sell out fast, like Gen Con, Dice Tower Con, Origins, BGG.con and the PAX shows, and to reimburse badges and hotels for our volunteers when they work those shows. They help us pay the bills for the phone service, the web hosting, the liability insurance, and the rent on the warehouse space. They help us buy banners and business cards and flyers. Eventually, it is my hope that they will pay full-time staff that will devote their full attention to promoting your games.

I know you realize how expensive that all is — you’ve likely either done it before or found it prohibitive to do so. Together, we can make these goals trivially, and reduce or eliminate your need to do it individually – if we all pitch in.

We think we have something going here. 342 designers and publishers agree that the IGA model is viable. I’m asking all of our members to consider upgrading to IGA Pro to give us the resources we need to make this mission a true success that will benefit you all.

Expanding the Minion Corps

Every one of our members has a fan base they’re cultivating, whether it’s thousands of people who have backed their Kickstarter or just a few dozen playtesters. These are people we can reach, who already have and love your game — why not let them help us promote it?

We are calling on all members to help us recruit new volunteers and swell the ranks of the Minion corps worldwide. All it takes is 30 seconds to send a Tweet, to post a Kickstarter update, or tell a friend that they can earn free games by teaching any of over a thousand games — including yours. Alternatively, fill that inch of dead space in your manual with a notice that fans can sign up for your official demo team at indiegamealliance.com.

Recruiting for our team takes almost no time and costs no money, but the benefits can be huge for you and your fellow members. Every new Minion means more representation at game stores and conventions around the world, helping to promote their favorite games, which you already know include yours. It’s a huge win for everyone. Please take a minute to let your fans and social media followers know about IGA today.

Entering Year Three…

The future is bright for IGA. With new members and new IGA Pro subscribers all the time, we are continuing to grow, adapt and learn. We’re so proud of the work we do supporting all of you and helping the things you create find and expand an audience. Thank you so much for being a part of our team and supporting the work we do on behalf of the indie gaming community.

~ Matt

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