Partner Profile - Expedition Prototype and Industry Convention

Heather Mann
Kissimmee, FL USA

Average Ratings:
Speed: 3.00
Communication: 5.00
Quality: 5.00
Price: 5.00
Overall: 4.50
Ratings: 1

Services Offered:
EPIC is a playtesting convention in Kissimmee, FL.

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IGA Pro members save $5 off the addition of a prototype to the EPIC playtesting library.

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IGA Member Reviews

Indie Game Alliance sponsorship
IGA has been attending and sponsoring EPIC since its inception. The organizers are fantastic and the entire con is structured around getting games polished and produced. It's a fantastic show for designers to attend, and even if you can't attend, we strongly recommend adding prototypes to their library each year for playtesting. EPIC attendees do an absolutely stellar job of meticulous playtesting and the feedback form you receive is incredibly detailed.
Matt Holden, Darkened Sky Studios - February 1, 2018