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Chris Newton
Cleveland, OH USA

Average Ratings:
Speed: 3.00
Communication: 3.00
Quality: 4.00
Price: 4.00
Overall: 3.50
Ratings: 2

Services Offered:
Full-service turnkey manufacturing

Deals and Discounts

In addition to normal production runs, the partner specializes in smaller run quantities of your game for advanced review and demos.

MOQ -- 100 units

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IGA Member Reviews

The Hackers Guild
Despite how long the process took, I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Chris and the final product that arrived from the factory. I will say that they do have a minimum order quantity of 20 for their prototypes, which may make them not an option for everyone. I would recommend Chris’ services without hesitation and will likely work with him again in the future.

For a full review of my experience, check out
Raymond Northcott, Games By Ray LLC - October 13, 2016

Moonshine Run
Review of “My Games Printed” for the Indie Game Alliance by Zack Ringler, The Madman at Games by a Madman or Two.
Lets start this out on a positive note. My Games Printed does good work for your money. They can get you’re your game and most of the time, you wouldn’t have that much trouble with it. They assist you step by step until your game is ready to print. Because of this assistance, I can’t be all negative on them, they have helped me out a lot on my first game.
Now for the reason why I won’t be using them for any future games. I’ll put these into different lists to help break down my reasoning.
1. When I started to contact Chris for his assistance at My Games Printed, he was quick to respond with anything that I needed. From my second Kickstarter to my third, this communication became sparse and I would go weeks without getting anything back from him. Before the printing contract was signed, I wanted to add a piece to my game to make it easier for the players to keep track of the rounds. I got a quote for this earlier in the process as a stretch goal for backers and decided that since (at the time) it wasn’t that much, I would go ahead and add it to the base game. After I noticed my Kickstarter was going to be a success, I contacted Chris to get the contract going and to see how much the extra piece was. He congratulated me on the success and started the process of getting my game ready for print. I asked him several times after this initial email how much extra the extra piece. (clarification, the piece was a card that players could use to keep track of the rounds. It was as wide as a normal card and about 1 inch tall. In the stretch goal emails, he said it could be printed on the same sheet as the poker cards, using up extra material.) Eventually we went to print and all my art was collected. I brought up the matter with the person I was dealing with for art, and she said that it was too late to include it in the game. Note, I was trying to get this added onto the game for about two months before it was sent to print.
2. Now that the art has been collected, I am waiting to hear that it has been sent to the warehouse. I finished sending all my art, had it ready to go about four weeks ago, and was originally told that it would only take a few weeks to get it printed and shipped. I have had to contact the agent at the printing factory each time I wanted an update. My first inquiry was about a week ago when I was told that it should be shipped by Friday. I let the warehouse know that it should arrive this week since they have been waiting on it for the entire month. I was contacted today, Wednesday of the following week, and was told that there was a mix up in the printing, one piece was missing from every game and that it would be another two days before it can be shipped out. Now I have to wait to see if they keep their word and ship it out by Friday.
3. While their prices are not that bad, I found out after the Kickstarter that I could have had better service for a cheaper price from The Game Creator… which is saying something. I am just holding out and hoping that the quality that they showed me in previews will stay true for the final version.
Was shown pictures of the game after it was printed. Several white specs on the card and corner art peeling up... They didn't send me a copy to review before they sent it to the warehouse.... Do not use this company.

Zachary Ringler, Games by a Madman or Two - December 5, 2017