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Convention Services on Sale

For Immediate Release
June 7, 2021


Hey, everybody! We’ve launched our convention services sales for Gen Con and Origins 2021. We’re sorry that it took so long to do this. We’ve been waiting for some guidance on things from the conventions, waiting for medical clearances, and a variety of other challenges. We also needed time to think about how we wanted to go about conventions this year with all of the state of the world right now.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, IGA has made some changes to its convention services for 2021. We intend these to be temporary measures to help us deal with the unique challenges presented by the current environment.

In our vendor booths, we will be setting up a staff-only area for our staff members and volunteers. Due to this and other measures described below, there will only be room in our booth for one demo table at a time, instead of our usual two. We will also unfortunately not be able to provide volunteers to work in members’ booths, as we cannot guarantee that safety standards at any booth will be consistent with those we have set in our own space, which is the commitment we have made to our volunteers who are putting themselves at risk to help us promote your games.

Due to the extra space we will need to set up the protected area, plus our anticipation of additional stock to support members who have opted out of exhibiting in 2021 and the need for additional space to move around the booth to accommodate social distancing, we will be limiting stock to one SKU per Pro member. Additional SKUs may be added for a stocking fee of $25 per SKU. This fee will be refunded for any SKU which produces at least $250 in gross sales at a given convention. We require a minimum of 20 units of any SKU to be stocked.

IGA is requiring all of its volunteers and booth staff to wear masks at all times and to be fully vaccinated. In order to minimize the number of people with access to our protected staff area, IGA will not be supporting publisher-run events in our vendor booths in 2021, unless the publisher is also serving as a volunteer throughout the convention and meets the above requirements for volunteers.

IGA will be putting a maximum of two volunteers in a hotel room instead of the usual four. This has drastically raised our costs for staffing 2021 conventions. After a very lean 2020, we cannot absorb these costs and have unfortunately had no choice but to raise the prices for 2021 demo time to offset them.

IGA does not take these precautions lightly. We understand that these policies result in fewer options for our members, and we regret that they are necessary. However, our first priority must be the safety of our staff, volunteers, and customers. IGA is hopeful that most or all of these restrictions will be relaxed in 2022 and beyond.

As a designer or publisher, you can book your services from your Studio Dashboard.

As a volunteer, you can sign up to join our team at your Minion Dashboard. Remember, we’re offering badges and hotel rooms for our volunteers, plus tons of Loot Points! We are requiring that all of our booth volunteers be fully vaccinated to participate in our booth.

We are of course available to answer any questions via our Facebook group, our Discord group, and at support@indiegamealliance.com.

Founded in April 2014, the Indie Game Alliance is a guild of independent tabletop game developers. Alliance volunteers, or Minions, give demos, run tournaments, playtest new games, and represent IGA members at conventions. With hundreds of member publishers on six continents, including household names like Portal Games, Asmadi Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, Mayday Games, and Brotherwise Games, the Alliance brings the very best of the board gaming hobby to the public.