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Our Directors are Getting Married – and You Get the Presents!

For Immediate Release
November 2, 2017


It brings Team IGA great joy to formally announce that our two directors, Matt Holden and Victoria Hardman, are getting married on November 11, 2017! We’re having a sale on annual IGA Pro subscriptions to celebrate (and to help raise some dough for the honeymoon!) From now through the wedding, Pro subscriptions are just $175 for the first year — the lowest price we’ve ever had on the IGA Pro package! Plus, for the first time ever, existing IGA Pro annual subscribers can add time to their subscription at the sale price!

We had to reschedule the wedding from its original October 7 date due to unforeseen circumstances, and have had to re-plan the entire wedding from scratch in just 44 days. This came right on the heels of our Hurricane Irma recovery. As you may imagine, it has been beyond hectic here, and you may have noticed it in our response times. Victoria and I deeply appreciate how patient and supportive the IGA community has been over the last few months as we’ve worked through the myriad of distractions and chaos that have befallen us. We’ve got some big things planned for IGA in the coming months, and once we get back from the honeymoon, my new bride and I are going to get back to work in a big way. 2018 is going to be an exciting time for team IGA!

Our warehouse is currently closed until after the wedding, and support will be somewhat limited over the next two weeks. We intend to be pretty unreachable from Friday (Nov. 10) through the end of the honeymoon on Tuesday (Nov. 14).

For those of you trying to reach Victoria, be advised that her email address will be changing to vholden@indiegamealliance.com. Both the new address and the old one work now, and we will leave both up and running for a while.

If you’re curious about the wedding itself, you can get all the details on our wedding website at http://www.AsWeBecome.us! We’re looking into options to livestream the ceremony.

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