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Bucharest, Bucuresti Romainia
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Our mission is to create interesting, entertaining, one of a kind strategy board games, that friends and families can enjoy. We are putting all our creativity and dedication into bringing unique games to the market.

Who we are

From a child's dream to an adult business decision making, this is how NSKN Games has been brought to life. Today's vision of company evolved from chasing a dream to decidedly and passionately making it real.

NSKN Games is a team of creative people, who enjoy inventing unique and inspiring strategy board games that will make use of your abilities and cleverness. Our games are mostly influenced by a particular historical period or a special event. We strive to have individual graphical design for each of our games and this is what makes their appearance one of the kind on the market.

We are true believers in the bright future of the board games! That is why we imagine you having a great time together with a group of friends or your family, laughing while enjoying a warm cacao or a cup of Irish coffee :-), planning your strategies and exercising your negotiation skills. With this idea in mind, we took it to the next stage - producing and exporting our strategy games all over Europe.

Some, would say, it is a lot of work for a startup company, but we are not hesitating for a second. NSKN team is devoted and foresees cheerful experience for today's demanding board game fans.

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Admin Note:

NSKN Games was known for a brief time as NSKN Legendary Games, which never appeared on any of their products..

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