Zombie Ninja Pirates (2010)

Gozer Games

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2 - 6




20 min

Zombies, Ninjas, and Pirates, how Mad! Zombies are cool! Ninjas are cool! Pirates are cool! Mad Scientists are also cool! But the coolest thing is a card game where you get to play all four types while scoring points and getting nifty objects in your chest that make you cooler and help you win. Zombie Ninja Pirates is a quick 20-30 minute card game for 2-6 players ages 13 and up. In Zombie Ninja Pirates you try to become four different types of people -- Zombies, Ninjas, Pirates, and Mad Scientists. During the game you can collect objects to help you or hurt your opponents. At the end of the game, a fast-paced lightning round can make or break the winner. Integrates with: Vampire Werewolf Fairies